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Marking South Asian Heritage Month and discussing GRacE
Marking South Asian Heritage Month and discussing GRacE 33:21 Measuring impact 37:08 Mental health and HIV 28:13 Smell disorders and COVID-19 30:49 Syria and enabling local humanitarian efforts in warzones 27:02 Health and politics 48:44 The past and future of child health, with Richard Horton 17:59 Misinformation, health, and social media 21:59 Omicron in Hong Kong 25:33 Conflict in Ukraine: the health and humanitarian cost 28:05 The past, present, and future of health in Nigeria 34:40 Inequity, society, and infectious diseases in the USA 38:05 Defining long COVID 32:28 The Value of Death 43:16 Vaccination rates and Omicron in London 36:32 Richard Horton looks back at 2021 28:53 Rethinking care 34:01 Discovering the Omicron variant: the story from South Africa 29:52 Health and climate change: what happened at COP26? 43:46 COP26: inequality in climate research 44:42 Prison health and COVID-19 34:36 Do we need booster shots? 42:10 Humanitarian needs in Afghanistan, and refugee health 39:13 Medical professionalism and physician wellbeing 44:46 A feminist recovery from COVID-19 33:28