God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode 160- Joe Templin is a Human Swiss Army Knife (Repeat)

May 23, 2023 Randy Mortensen
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode 160- Joe Templin is a Human Swiss Army Knife (Repeat)
Show Notes

Joe Templin has led an eclectic life.

As one of six kids, growing up outside of a rural small town in New York and spending time on the family farm, Joe’s parents instilled a love of learning, the outdoors, and a healthy disrespect for authority while still simultaneously embracing traditional values of hard work and “love thy neighbor but mind your own dang business.” Today, this is Joe’s foundation.

He was severely asthmatic but through his work ethic and the love of a challenge, he has become a martial artist and an ultradistance runner. He had a speech impediment but has built a career around communicating. This habit of overcoming limitations is a theme in his life and his writings.

Today, Joe has three sons, the oldest attempted suicide at fourteen, his second son was caught skipping school and doing drugs while in his mid-teens, and Joe has lost several very close friends to their battles with mental health and substances, over the years. 

Serving others is important to Joe, because of how his parents raised him. He’s a successful author and a popular coach but Joe contends he’s still a work in progress. 

His work has led him to understand the underlying voids that often lead to addictions and other compulsive and destructive behaviors. His book series titled, “Every Day Excellence” has a bi-line of “A daily guide to growing”. 

Joe is often quick to point out that it was a business friend who lived by the adage of “Give a Book, Not a Bottle” that radically changed his life.


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