God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode 161 - with Emma-Jane Taylor

May 30, 2023 Randy Mortensen
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode 161 - with Emma-Jane Taylor
Show Notes

Emma-Jane Taylor – Award Winning Advocate for survivors of CSA - Recognised as a National Treasure by GB News, 2022 

Motivational Speaker /Ardent campaigner for survivors of Child Sex Abuse/ Media commentator/ Editor of The Real Silence 


Founder of The Works Co & Project 90/10, Author of Don't Hold Back, TEDx Speaker/ Corporate Behaviour Change Trainer/Mentor 

Twitter @ejtayloruk - LinkedIn @emmajanetayloruk – Instagram @emmajanetayloruk  


Emma-Jane’s personal and traumatic story of struggle and hardship covered in her debut book entitled ‘Don’t Hold Back’ has given her the positive tools and focus she needed to fight back, to create a power-house of strength; compassion and dedication to living.

Emma-Jane was once told ‘she was the girl going nowhere, the failure’ and most people thought she would be dead or in prison by the time she was 20. Her reality, like many, was very different.

Survivor of child sex abuse, abandonment & rejection. Throughout her teenage years she drank excessively, took drugs, became bulimic. By 15 years old was exhausted by life, addicted and struggling with various disorders.

Her school life struggled, she was often put into isolation, on report, given regular detentions or suspended. She was written off as a child, labelled a
juvenile delinquent by a child psychiatric at 14 and told regularly told she was a failure, going nowhere - none of which helped her with her difficulties or development. As a young girl she struggled with nerves, night terrors, late development, OCD, PTSD, nausea, eating disorders, paranoia, anxiety. At 19 she took off to Spain and at 23 she found the confidence to start an A-Z of therapy.  


Podcasts: Second Chance with (Netflix) Raphael Rowe, Unbroken with Madeleine Black, Inspire with Steve Twynham, Traci Cornelius Women Rockin’ Business 

Radio: Talk Radio with Ian Collins, Men’s Radio Station with Russ Kane and Phil Dave, BBC Berkshire with Phil Kennedy Drivetime, Wellbeing with Bill Buckley, 

Andrew Peach Show and Michelle Jordan, Radio Lantau Hong Kong with Kimberley Kleczka, Motivational Firewood with Steve Gamlin 


Brand Ambassador: Riverside Counselling, Berkshire Community Foundation, World Jenny’s Day 






email - office@emmajanetaylor.com