God Took Me to Las Vegas

Episode #165- Interview with Patrick Flanagan (Repeat)

July 11, 2023 Randy Mortensen
God Took Me to Las Vegas
Episode #165- Interview with Patrick Flanagan (Repeat)
Show Notes

Episode 165- Patrick Flanagan, Certified Intervention Professional

Patrick is a former private wealth manager and sales trader with Morgan Stanley, RBC, and Wells Fargo. It took him four rehab stints to gain freedom from his alcohol abuse problems. Sadly, because of his poor behaviors, he was disinvited from his daughter’s high school graduation for a host of ugly reasons. 

While in his second rehab program a counselor stressed to him that staying clean and sober would be virtually impossible and likely unsuccessful without a transition to sober housing, along with supportive programs, including AA meetings, plus a drug and alcohol-free environment. 

Patrick really thought he could do it himself because he had a job, a home, and a family that genuinely cared about him. In his own words, “I was totally wrong and I lost it all again.”

Since getting sober on January 19, 2019, following four rehabs in a three-year period, he has gone on to obtain his CIP (Certified Intervention Professional) certification and he’s also a member of the Association for Intervention Specialists. His firm, based in St. Paul, MN – “The Irishman & Associates” – is a full-service alcohol and drug intervention firm that also offers case management for those in need. 

Plus, just this year, that same daughter who refused to have Dad attend her high school graduation, graduated from Notre Dame and Dad was able to celebrate that accomplishment by being in the audience.

Knowing there is an extreme shortage of sober housing beds in the Twin Cities metro area, Patrick was intent on creating sober living for men and women in need. Today, he’s a co-owner in the “Lion House”, near the Minnesota State Fair grounds. 

The historic mansion is about 7,000 square feet, has 16 rooms with eight bathrooms, and has room for 14 to 16 women at a time. The home opened in October of 2019 and has been fully occupied since inception. He and his business partner are currently seeking another large home, that can serve men in the community.

Learn more at:

The Irishman and Associates - https://www.theirishmanandassociates.com 

The Lion House (sober house) - https://www.lionhousestpaul.com 

Patrick’s on LinkedIn – https://www.linkein.com/in/patrick-flanagan-mn 

His phone number is – 612.889.9182