Highly Optimized

Episode 113: The Path To Finding Your Power Zone & Finding Lasting Fulfillment In Life (feat. Jason Skeesick)

July 06, 2022 Ryan Sprague Season 1 Episode 113
Highly Optimized
Episode 113: The Path To Finding Your Power Zone & Finding Lasting Fulfillment In Life (feat. Jason Skeesick)
Show Notes

When I think about the concept of life, I like to view it through the lens of a game that, similar to other games, there is rules for. This being said, like with most games, once you learn the rules, you can learn how to “break” them, so to speak, to be able to create the experience within that game that allows you to have the most fulfillment & fun possible. Todays guest on the show is a man who is a master of the game of life & its many components, specifically within the realms of finance, business, exercise & sales. He has a diverse background in these realms ranging from his experience in the army, to his experience as a financial analyst for JP Morgan, to his experience as a business owner both at the CrossFit gym he created & sold, Chicago Elite Fitness & his newest venture, Spear & Clover. This current project encompasses his love for podcasting with the Spear & Clover podcast, which I was a recent guest on & had an absolute blast on, along with his love for finance & sales in the equity department of this project. He is extremely passionate about spending his time with passionate entrepreneurs & assisting them in impacting the world in a positive way & throughout this episode, we will be diving into his journey, what got him interested in exploring the fields he is passionate about, what advice he has for those of you listening who are looking to make a positive change in the world & much, much more.

Show Notes:

(2:46) Ryan and Jason become friends!

(6:47) Working a job while operating a side hustle. 

(10:00) How coaches help you see what’s right in front of you. 

(14:42) Entrepreneurs. 

(17:37) Check out Freedombuilderz.com

(34:14) The Ego. 

(38:27)  Ryan gets humbled by entities. 

(43:13) Join the Highly Optimized Ceremony Circle on Facebook! 

(55:14) Where you can find more about Jason!

(56:29) Jason’s final piece of advice!

Connect with Jason:

IG and Twitter: @jasonskeesick  @spearandclover

FB and Linked in: Jason Skeesick and Spear And Clover

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