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Episode 118: Creating An Individualized Approach To Cannabis Consumption (feat. Len May)

August 10, 2022 Ryan Sprague
Highly Optimized
Episode 118: Creating An Individualized Approach To Cannabis Consumption (feat. Len May)
Show Notes

For all of you who have been listening to this show for sometime now, you know full well my love & passion for the Cannabis plant. For me, Cannabis was the first teacher in my life that allowed me to question everything I thought I knew about life & the reverberation of that initial teaching has echoed throughout every corner of my life & allowed me to discover my own truth within my experience of life. One of the main challenges, however, within the realm of Cannabis, is that we each have unique endocannabinoid systems & particular physiology that, up until recently, has left many Cannabis users confused as to how to get the best results with this medicine. Todays guest on the show is a man who is not only a fellow Cannabis lover, but is also leading the way in taking the guesswork out of Cannabis by creating individualized dna tests for Cannabis consumers through his company, EndoDNA, that will not only match you with the right Cannabis products for your wellness journey, but will guide you in creating a personalized relationship with this sacred plant teacher. In addition, he is also the host of the “Everything Is Personal” podcast,  which dives into Cannabis, music, business, & science & which I was a recent guest on & had an absolute BLAST being a part of & is the author of “Making Cannabis Personal”, which is a book dedicated to exploring many of the same topics we will be discussing today within the realm of individualized Cannabis. This episode is sure to open your minds to the bridge between science & plant medicines & the potential benefits within combining these realms

Show Notes:

(2:51) What got Len into DNA testing for cannabis.

(15:05) Check out FreedomBuilderz.com

(21:39) Where edibles come into play & the benefits of going low and slow.

(43:55) How to get consistency.

(53:02) Follow the money…

(1:01:04) Where you can reach Len.

(1:02:35) Len’s final piece of advice for the listeners!

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