Radical Thoughts Podcast

Liberalism and Democracy

June 22, 2020 Patrick Season 1 Episode 5
Radical Thoughts Podcast
Liberalism and Democracy
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss the Italian legal theorist and politician Norberto Bobbio and his text "Liberalism and Democracy." We talk about the history of Liberalism, the relationship of the individual to the State, and how radicals should conceive of democracy.

Other texts mentioned in this discussion:
- "The Affinities of Norberto Bobbio" by Perry Anderson
- "Law and State as Holes in Marxist Theory" by Mike Macnair
- "Liberty Before Liberalism" by Quentin Skinner
- "Citizens to Lords" and "Liberty and Property" by Ellen Meiksins Wood

Next month's text:
- "The Return of the Political" by Chantal Mouffe

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