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Inonge Siluka on Cherishing Christ

May 13, 2021 Rachel Redeemed | Inonge Siluka Season 2 Episode 14
The Keswick Convention Podcast
Inonge Siluka on Cherishing Christ
Show Notes

Rachel Redeemed talks to Inonge Siluka, blogger, youth and women's worker while working full-time for a cancer charity as a financial advisor!  In this episode of the Keswick Convention Podcast, we hear some of Inonge's story, her faith journey, and her journey to the UK and explore her experience with church family through tricky times. Inonge shares some of her thoughts on how the hope she has in Jesus makes a difference to her every day - and indeed some thoughts on why and how we can cherish Christ in this season.  You can hear more from Inonge in week three in a session for women and girls on what it means to live a faithful life.

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This maybe one to send on to women you know who are keen for evangelism but up for thinking things through by reading another women's perspective...

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