Rowing in Color

Kadee Sylla: “We Need to Diversify the Sport”

July 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 29
Rowing in Color
Kadee Sylla: “We Need to Diversify the Sport”
Show Notes

#029 - Kadee Sylla is a black college rower at University of San Diego and 2019 U23 rower for Team USA. 

In this episode, we talked about:

An obvious takeaway for collegiate coaches who want to diversify their team [11:15]

What Kadee meant when she called her experience “interesting” [14:37]

Kadee’s thoughts on being acknowledged as a person of color who rows versus just being treated as a rower and not having to worry about skin color [18:20]

When she felt oppression within the sport of rowing [21:00]

What it feels like to be hyperaware [29:00]

Where Kadee’s drive comes from [32:58]

What’s really a most beautiful thing [40:00]

Kadee’s advice for younger rowers [42:37]

Why we need to diversify our sport [46:35]

… and much more.

To get in touch with Kadee, please reach her on Instagram @kadeesylla

We hope that the conversation in this podcast helps us all in the rowing world -- no matter your race -- to unify the rowing sport through diversity.

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