Rowing in Color

Kyley Jones: "Being Here is Enough"

October 29, 2020 Season 1 Episode 37
Rowing in Color
Kyley Jones: "Being Here is Enough"
Show Notes

#037 - Kyley Jones is a black rower who just finished a 7-year rowing career rowing at UC San Diego. She shares powerful insight on inclusion, intersectionality, and community through her anthropological lens. With mere days before the 2020 election and days just following another murder of a black man, her words are what we need to hear right now.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • How Kyley started rowing [ ]
  • What advice she would give to other young rowers transitioning from high school rowing to collegiate rowing [ ] 
  • What Kyley meant when she said “…” [ ]
  • “Diversity Without Inclusion is Exclusion” [ ]
  • “Whitewashed” [ ]
  • What teams should do when one of their teammates is called the n-word

… and much more.

To get in touch with Kyley, please reach her on Instagram @joneskyley

We hope that the conversation in this podcast helps us all in the rowing world -- no matter your race -- to unify the rowing sport through diversity.

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