Kat Robinson's Arkansas

Rogers, Monte Ne and William Coin Harvey

February 11, 2020 Kat Robinson Season 1 Episode 1
Kat Robinson's Arkansas
Rogers, Monte Ne and William Coin Harvey
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Rogers, Arkansas, rich in railroad history, is a marvelous place to base a historical adventure. I'll talk about the city's creation, about a man with a vision who created a dream resort along the White River nearby, and a famous air rifle that's been referenced in one of our most beloved Christmas movies. I'll also share with you three great restaurants, a magical mill by a bridge, a place where you can find almost any flavor of jam or preserve you've ever dreamed of, and a cool place to stay while you're here.

Runs 1:08:30.

Wesner's Grill
   the restaurant's Facebook page

The Railroad and Rogers
   more from the Rogers Historical Museum

William "Coin" Harvey and the Ruins of Monte Ne
   see Monte Ne on Tie Dye Travels

The Bean Palace Restaurant atop War Eagle Mill
   pecan cobbler recipe
   more War Eagle Mill

The House of Webster
   a visit to the location

The Daisy Airgun Museum
   a stop-in

Garage Getaway, a Cool Place to Stay
     learn more here

Havana Tropical Grill
   the eatery's website

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