All Things Career

Money, Money, Money

May 11, 2020 Norwood & Co. Episode 6
All Things Career
Money, Money, Money
Show Notes

According to Business Insider, only 24% of Millennials are financially literate. Meaning that Millennials struggle to understand the basics of personal finance. For this reason, Darius and Kirsten had a conversation with a financial advisor who gave his two cents on all things money.


[2:17] Emergency Funds - how much you should have saved

[4:11] The importance of investments

[8:50] How to increase your credit score

[12:00] 401K - how much you should save each pay cycle

[16:00] How to prioritize your personal finance goals

[19:22] 50-30-20 rule

[20:25] Why you should sit down with a financial advisor

EPISODE QUOTE: "The difference between [Millennials] and everyone else is that we have the conscious mind of wanting better and knowing better. We're relentless in pursuit of our goals."

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