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The Independent Tutor: Marketing and Self-Promotion

April 02, 2020 Lucie Williams Episode 4
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The Independent Tutor: Marketing and Self-Promotion
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Welcome to The Qualified Tutor Podcast

Lucie Williams, a wonderful self-employed languages tutor, gives her take on how to self-promote as a tutor, guiding us through her tips for how to get into good habits early on and then move into self-marketing in today's world. Leading her own group of trusted tutors, Lucie provides her clients with the same top-level service every single time. A well-travelled and highly experienced tutor in many countries, listening to Lucie will give you the energy and motivation to go out and do the same yourself.

Lucie's own tutoring service can be found at http://privatelanguagetutor.com/, the one-stop shop for all your language tuition needs. Lucie is an amazing communicator and we feel very lucky to have found a spot in her busy schedule to hear her best advice.

The QT Podcast exists for those tutors about to take the plunge into the profession, for those that already have but want to strengthen their practice or simply for those in education who love hearing about what others are doing and what tips they can take from it. We are all constantly learning and there is no better place right now to hear about the developments in e-learning and education through tutoring than The QT Podcast.

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Ludo:   0:03
Welcome to the qualified tutor podcast here in q t. Our mission is to provide teacher training for tutors. If you are a motivated shooter and you love to learn, the cue T podcast will inspire, motivate and support you to improve your practise. Because tutoring is a small job that makes a big difference. Hi there, and welcome to the next instalment of our podcast Sees us here at q t. Welcome to Lucy Williams on Inspiring and an experienced shooter who has set up a close network of tutors to be able to provide the client. She was built up over the years with same great service, wonderfully excited toe. Have you today, Lucy? How are you doing today?

Lucie Williams:   0:47
Not too bad. Thank you.

Ludo:   0:48
So, Lucy, I thought I'd jump right in with How did you get into the world of tutoring?

Lucie Williams:   0:54
Well, I guess, like anyone, it's a bit like, you know, you need me to refresh your life in California, kind of fall into it. And I did linguistics and fanatics with friends and Spanish University of Leeds, always of languages. I had a huge passion for them, but I guess the classically mean finish university didn't really want to do so.

Ludo:   1:12
So what subjects do you to toe now?

Lucie Williams:   1:15
Well, luckily after that mine tutoring, formative years corner. But I knew I wanted to teach. And do I always want to be? Just teach to two languages French, Spanish and English as an additional language. But after that job, kind of my tuition came into Parisian expos on by that school family who basis incident in place will be shot in Switzerland. They wanted a private language into full time. So Paris Common Tax Remember the family that button on the panel Climb the fuse, et cetera on Did not Going Out Tio back to get so much done. In another, I combating a shod on DH I had I was teaching again. Then full time was great setup. I loot in a chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland, with his family with lovely. I live in star accommodation. They're on their way to to all subjects, but in French Spanish English shells from Keith, it's cheesy CSC. So one day the mother could be like do bats in France today, your drugs being because it was very basic level. I could do it when the kid's body older. Well, economics, French Foley isn't gonna happen because I'm not doing anything but my my i specialised expertise. Then those three languages. But I called the basics. But while I have you on the night English and not another new So

Ludo:   2:33
Lucy, we we tend to ask this every time. And we have got some very, very amusing answers with this so far. What kind of tutor were you, Lucy? And and did you ever have a tutor yourself? No, I

Lucie Williams:   2:45
did it. I wouldn't think I was What? Cool. When I was in all the massive Giga school just

Ludo:   2:51
also coming up,

Lucie Williams:   2:53
and that time I was like, Oh, no, looking back now, I mean, basically, I work and I am I was very lucky Prior to your seven, I did work. I really know howto like a means test. And I was younger by doing there more revision walls on Tobias. When I was really young, like in five minutes six, I went into a pretty good school course abs in high school. Andi, remember from your staff and I think they're just the good thing about school. Many good things, but I just instilled a really good work ethic into me on DH. I remember even my yes, seven exams. It's part of that is good about thing about pressure myself. But I have to do well and get off. 70% of my parents were never like that. They never pressurise me at all to say that hat. But I was really wanted to work on. I guess I was around, but not students who were achieving really high marks and know that my dad, by Dina, you want anyone to get 40% there will get, you know, 80 90%. So from there No, I think I like think my work ethic was quite strong and always had there was a very nice balls as things were good. So yeah, I shouldn't say lose up, I guess a bit geeky. And I just I just worked hard and I worked hard, and sometimes I all subjects. But I think the ones that I really love, the Khamenei rates being like I was back to the park, I looked forward to my French lessons. Those used to really work hard because gently enjoyed it. And even to this day now, our research this sounds horrendously. Letting bio research certain tense is because I really enjoy it for my lessons but, you know, enjoy. Even now on the job. I'm still learning the words and the company Different line wasn't still leading new structures and that I just think it's really cool and I really like it. So I think because of that I'm Michaela did really put the work in throughout Jesus ease and a levels I didn't either tutor because I I had my own work ethic. Why'd you understand? Wife and Children might not have that, or they find something that's so difficult where they need that help. That's tae understandable, especially with languages. Because I'm quite lucky is one thing. I was good. I'm no only amazing A. I'm not very mathematically your science, you know, really strong. But I could just do it. I suppose I'm quite lucky in that regard. Therefore, you know I'm more willing to help others because because I enjoy it not to.

Ludo:   4:57
Yeah, I'm one of the most common attributes of ah, successful tutor. Is that love of their subject that they are able to instil in their in their students knowing your subject inside out and then having that flexibility and ability to pass that knowledge on Teo duty. So I think what makes a very good tutor initially is that is that it's someone who loved studying at school, someone who has enjoyed studying after school after university, even if they went to university. Andi. Someone who can pass that love on to their students because the best shooters of those that seem passionate and interested about this subject. If you have a very disinterested tutor, then that's going to pass on to the student on DH. They'll make much, much less progress. So I think that's that's very encouraging to hear Lucy that you still look up tenses thatyou like in French, just for the love of studying them. So what did you think being a tutor was like in your first few sort of days, weeks, months of tutoring? Did you envisage it being like it is now?

Lucie Williams:   6:10
No. And again I have to say, I did started out really? Because I liked it off this two years, and I was in a It is an amazing family. And then place me in your cursed I would go to your community school holidays and known only to the Children Spanish I adored or that then all the Children. They went for a little something about with us. There was a lot more work for me, so I came home off a couple of years on his amazing two years. Like tropical weather them. They're amazing family, and I'm still untouched in to this day. It was really there are remarkable experience for me. But when I came back, I thought, I want to start treating on my own on that We should have had owned September like Charmery 2016 I think remember doing it because I wanted to do it. Then, over that course that year are met. I only prizes if anybody had too strong to tease. If I've got to know very well with the family live. But then over the school's academic e, I might know some mysteries lows of people, and again, I really like prepping their lessons and, you know, doing this recession that. But then, you know, I've never had that my first year of seeing a load of, you know, new Jesus. The results they were results and they're getting with measures being like, Oh, what? Go on a ride on a star? Well, thank you. Your final this and I could get I can go to walk. So because God, this one goes to university I was It was a little nosy one that's a flooded. And again, I thought I'm actually doing this because I like doing it. But that side of it, I guess I kind of forgot how good it really could've wars I've never had They are that one mark with that boy. But I didn't have a kind of array of all these different official national exam results. So that came to me. And then again, we realised Oh, yeah, this is Yeah. Why did people can go to school? You want to go to go to my school, to go to war, to speak the language, to speak, and how's communication and weapon is a is very, very important.

Ludo:   7:52
So has there been any other ways that you could share with us? How would you be able to build rapport with duties?

Lucie Williams:   7:58
Definitely have, like, talk to them, have a chat with them. I know where the left sometimes in ours, and that's a bit more like it comes straight away and be like this. The weapon you straight went to get with vocab test will get on with the new tents presentation or the routing we're doing, I think, is again this bill. Like in order to be able to build up all, you have to know who you're working with, having conversation, what I'm trying to do. Excited as you know, I think everyone young person would do that, especially with your options. There's little government Hampton on trying to just be you can talk to you for 20 minutes, Another wasted half lesson. So what I try to do is normally eat tutoring session. We'll have a chat, but then we have a chat. After about that weekend with Dennis, we can have it will be in French or Spanish or English, whatever language I'm teaching them. In order for them to utilise the skills and against get more relaxing, you know where to go. Come sometimes read it rather help us for your clock. They have just going from school. So I think Teo, you know everyone these break every need that kind of like down to Melissa before they got to get them brain working and working then So a lot of it, yes, getting to know them. But you know, the beauty that's tries to languish, hope that no booster learning sizes and is well on. I think it is more. I guess I'll lose to work in the younger Children. But keeping them engaged on DH sometimes meeting the lessons, not stop, start but love sometimes if you different activities, whether Children from eight or younger, you know, I do a lot presentations on my that so that I can let you know what colour just money faces. Lots of farm for moving around to the herb tea. No, to thank God for keeping me gay. You keep looking at in bills. Keep him interested. Come on, doing a show that to the tea or not. But then it could be, you know, asking you used earlier. The beat with languages is there are four key skills that you need to be able to competent in order to be a to use the language listening, reading, writing, speaking. So they're doing like listening to size. Watch like a Ted talk on something that incident in Beit other No Italian Ted talk on feminism or a I don't bring you to too much into my lessons. But that is wonderful resources for lots of songs and French nursery rhymes, especially for teacher young Children. S. O. Com. Doing, listening and speaking in that regard. Speaking of those two earlier when talking to Mother weekends on, then again reading something which again Munster neither interested in. So for using the four skills breaking up the lesson on doing it centred around the interests on, you know, interesting. A farm beat with colours and different activities. I think, as I would like to keep it varied, an interesting and motivated and also they remember, is a lot like sometimes had this boy will be like, Well, we did a company in French today and remember that some flower pot on your screen and it was this on, and that was like the sword saint like little things of your visual. And I guess that we really help. But sometimes when I do find it is effective, I think OK, keep going with that because obviously it's working especially for that stupid

Ludo:   10:53
Yeah, exactly. And being adaptable, being able to change your style for each student you have is one of the most important things about being on engaged on DH ultimately successful tutor. But another point that we often discuss here at the Q T is we often have tutors coming to us or the choices that we spoke to in our in our webinars and podcast is there are students that struggle with material, and there are students that struggle with in classrooms. And there are students that struggle with learning in general. Now, if a student is struggling to understand the point that you are explaining, understand a topic that you have been helping them with and they really just are struggling to understand it, maybe it's due to just difficulty of the topic. Or maybe it's due to other factors, such as it's been a long day at school or they're tired or they're angry or whatever. What have been kind of your best methods for for remedying this? If you found there are ways in which you can alleviate a child's kind of de motivation for learning, for for being in the sessions

Lucie Williams:   11:58
I think of it really did ongoing difficulty using the methods that I adapted to you mentioned earlier if it's won, but they're just really unsure. And I kind of have the innate Lee. I think all the care they can get. This it just really too kind of you. Look at it, then it's breaking it down on making it, as is possible to learn to look up being very simple presentation of very simple exercises, a very simple worksheet. But the key there, I think as well is repetition on not saying perverted languages and is good at it. But to an extent, one can learn one basic concept in any language one could make. Somebody recites the endings in the present tense in French, or recite the word for lamp in front again each week. That's gonna go going to go in. So I think a lot of its repetition a lot of its patients, and you have to again it there, I'm sure of it. Then go over again and go over again and use it in a very simple format. B on a very simple worksheet on breaking down small bit just present tense. So I'm sure off. Then that's fine. Let's not do the whole thing and start to all the rake lives that's not duel the different endings. That's not to order from above. Let's look at one section of it for that week and go over it and really so four months and term until they understand. And then next week we're going to begin in us and that they're still showing up to a misunderstanding. Then you over again and again. So I think a lot on. I understand that, for example, you have to cover an array of things and lots of information. However, I am very much the opinion where it's better to be good at the foundations ofthe language would be very good and highly skilled and and, you know, very base of the present tense. And you say you called Recycle the regulars. We conquer aside all of the fancy penance is an example. It's better to have a good foundation of solar skills in certain areas, as opposed to trying to spread yourself out too thin on not yes, good on skilled in all those areas. So to some of its a reputation is key. I'm breaking it down as easily as possible for them.

Ludo:   13:53
Yeah, no, wonderful. And sometimes that's hard to remember when you're preparing the tutoring sessions is that the child can be a very basic level with this learning. You know, it's hard, sometimes hard to think that if you have to really go back to the early early steps on DH that can. That can sometimes be. The hardest thing is that you go to high with your with your initial explanations of the topic. So I remember I have been doing some math tutoring with the student on DH. I assumed too early that they understood basic concepts like converting fractions to decimals, for example. So the work that I did assumed that they knew that already, and it was really causing them issues. So I had to take some steps back on DH start from the building blocks again. Maybe that's that's more common in maths because there really are building blocks to the two later knowledge. But even with with English, you know, don't assume that they can just launch into a creative writing peace because they haven't worked on that initial vocabulary in order to build up on argument. But Lucy, I just kind of finishing off here, really like to know a little bit more about what you've been doing very, very recently with setting up this small network of duties. I really feel there is a lot to learn. Their four other young tutors were thinking of doing doing the same thing

Lucie Williams:   15:15
on Guy supposes recently. I'm quite lucky is up in here from self employed, freed us and keeping in London for the past four years now have had incredible experiences and met some really great, amazing, interesting people. And I very fortunate don't do generally again. Why do the good and bad? Itwas many. Any shorebirds follows with teetering. It was a very small windows, and you can actually do it most featuring, if you're not rushing the home schooled in place that allowed attrition, generally taste those art school. So you started about 34 o'clock in the end, about like, No, I got that. I'm working on most days, I just find the new student like it. However, if it's all in person, unless you're very lucky to have, you know that the classroom next door to one another, you know, really forget about I would say two or three. It's all in person on Therefore, Hugh found Scott because I'm able to various kinds of during one day that we don't need light and then on the weekends tend to work more. 95 because that's when you know kids of general off school but me and coming on the weekends. But you know, Mrs sorry then home. However, luckily through building up over the years of teetering and applying to embassies and try and cram a private clients and beat up the building, a website or putting ads in magazines or word of mouth, etcetera. So I mean, I paper business can't loosely in cafes. I've managed to acquire more clashes. Really good. Andre Privat lie, unfortunately, been so lovely into role of mouth demands were quite high and about sisters. It's really nice to know that what you do is good. You know, I guess what we do a lot of ins have employed. I don't have an appraisal. We are in bosses, and that's great. But doing it the right way and, you know, training time You

Ludo:   16:51
are. Yeah. Thank

Lucie Williams:   16:52
you. I think sometimes they know the DC results results kind of. You know, American Tio. Okay. The match to get the oh so hopefully the right direction. However, sometimes I cannot take all these clients on. I kind of want to lose them on becoming more aware. I wasn't aware of that, too, when I first started my own. But I am now a lot more where that featuring is what kind of time booby industrial supposed it is very popular, is booming. It's down to the exams, getting harder. Schools get a lot more competitive on just great that there are a lot of clients out there. But I also used because there's lots more to tee it up, so trying to get to know some more better be it. Go institution conferences, you know, hearing about the mums, best friend's son who's looking into it. She gets home, but you're over your content initially, and then you know, then you and everything else. It's kind of trying to create a network where I can give especially bobbing to you, too. Has been new Tutor's this work. If they want to be a tutor full time, or if it's kind of, you know, on the side, they're looking to get into acting or something, or another freelance job. But I haven't got an eyeful. Lunch five on. They're looking for this kind of work. Putting flights and those directions of my other contact is what I'm trying to do at the moment, because I just know the workers out there that don't turn people down on one I knew sure know what can be given to somebody he's also capable on dwelling

Ludo:   18:07
on. So if you had the top three tips for shooters in the same position as you may be a few years before this, the top three tip for expanding their their their practise. Shall we call it like this? What? What might they be? Do you think

Lucie Williams:   18:24
I would say, if you want to kind of stay away from nothing on his wrong agencies? I write something great, has many wonderful two games in London. I do. Generally, I believe that on the Web with him still on, and they're really, really good. And however you do it, if you would like to get all of your own work coming to sometimes financially well, just knowing it's just just just you with the government. But I would say when, you know, put some in the local magazines are trying to get a online presence in order to try and build your own clientele in that area. Tippi, I suppose they're definitely get it. If you want to be totally and self employed, I suppose get your own people tend to look like the dudes. Now those Teo Post Theatre texted his look them up a little up in the book. The last thing I would say is not to get my business hat on too much, I suppose. But one thing is there are many hues that there that's great and who burger we do. Only, however, I suppose, could have ust So you know what's unique walks your unique setting. What we couldn't figure out why you did what you could not see if you can find in and your testimonials or your clients say about you and try to promote that in the best of feasible way, because that's what I think give you a bigger fan base for a big clientele. Then they'll realise that want you for a certain reason, basically a personality bitch. Do something you do. You do when you work or in the resources you bring something that's you know they can pinpoint. That's really good about you. Find that and then promoted because that will make you a unique and good and budding and hopefully flourishing tutor

Ludo:   19:52
on What a brilliant sentiment to end on Lucy, thank you very, very much for showing that your thoughts with us and also providing such kind of helpful insight into how Teo maybe do tutoring in a slightly different way, way ut are constantly looking for how tio you touched on the fact that the tutoring in the chute perhaps is booming at the moment. And I would agree that especially with the rise of online tutoring, So how can it be done in, you know, in a different way, How can it be done to help those people that really make the tutoring industry tick? Which is which is, of course, shooters themselves? So it's been a real pleasure to have you on Lucy. Thank you very, very much.

Lucie Williams:   20:29
Thank you. Thank you.

Ludo:   20:31
Thank you. Thanks for listening to the qualified tutor Podcast by shooters Share their expertise to support the tutoring community. We're always looking for motivated shooters to interview on this show. If you'd like to be part of the conversation, get in touch. A podcast. That qualified tutor dog. We'd love to learn from you

How did you get into the world of tutoring ?
What subjects do you tutor ?
What kind of student were you ? Did you ever have a tutor ?
What did you think being a tutor was like when you first started ?
Are there any other ways you’ve been able to build rapport with your students ?
If a student is struggling to understand a point, what are your top tips for remedying this ?
Tell us a little bit more about what you’ve been doing recently
What are your top 3 tips for tutors who want to expand their practice ?