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Training Student Tutors: How to Take Your First Steps into Tutoring

June 25, 2020 Jessie Pitsillides Episode 16
Qualified Tutor Podcast
Training Student Tutors: How to Take Your First Steps into Tutoring
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Welcome to the Qualified Tutor Podcast

We are so pleased to have connected with amazing people like Jessie Pitsillides.

Jessie is the Founder of Mentor Jr, a brilliant new online tutoring service that connects student tutors and mentors with younger students, thereby bridging the gap between tutor and student as well as building positive relationships between peers.

With so many wonderful insights into what mentoring means to Jessie, this jam-packed 25 minutes contains a host of fantastic tips for student tutors to train up at this time. Jessie has joined us for several of our workshops so far and knows very well the power of giving tutors adequate preparation before launching them into sessions.

Tutoring is in a special moment right now and we cannot, in the haste to roll out widespread tutoring to the most disadvantaged students, forget that tutors deserve to receive sufficient professional training before starting to work one-to-one with a student.

If you would like to gain greater exposure into what tutoring really means and if you'd like to level up your ability, earning power and expertise as a tutor, enrol now at https://www.qualifiedtutor.org/qt-training and sign up for the Qualified Tutor Course. Over 4 weeks of workshop-style sessions with industry experts, you'll set yourself apart in a crowded space.

We can't wait to see you there.

The QT Podcast exists for those tutors about to take the plunge into the profession, for those that already have but want to strengthen their practice or simply for those in education who love hearing about what others are doing and what tips they can take from it. We are all constantly learning and there is no better place right now to hear about the developments in e-learning and education through tutoring than The QT Podcast.

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What kind of a student are you? Have you ever had a tutor?
What inspired you to create Mentor Jr?
What advice would you give to young tutors right now?
What’s changed in the mentoring environment from online to face-to-face?
How do you prepare mentors for their work with Mentor Jr?
What have you found to be the hardest aspect of the service so far?
What do you think are the benefits of this professional development at this level?
What training should young tutors be accessing at this time?
What did you enjoy about the Safeguarding workshop?
What are your top 3 tips for students in this period of school?
Where do you see Mentor Jr going into the summer and beyond?