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The Four Rules of Engagement in Tutoring

January 21, 2021 Alex Asher Episode 46
Qualified Tutor Podcast
The Four Rules of Engagement in Tutoring
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This conversation brings together Qualified Tutor and Learncube's CEO, Alex Asher in the first of a new series: Love Tutoring, with Qualified Tutor.

The first of the series takes us through four simple steps for increasing engagement with your student. (Hint: they all start with 'P' ...)

Learncube are industry leaders in online education and edtech delivery.

Learncube's platform is purpose built for education and you can try it out for FREE today by going to https://www.learncube.com/ and giving their online platform a demo.

Love Tutoring will be exploring how we can match success and enjoyment in the field of tutoring, including detailed overviews of current best practices and the latest pedagogical research.

If you'd prefer to read Julia's insights, find the blog here.

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We can't wait to see you there.

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