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From Success to Significance: How to Maximise Your Impact as a Tutor

February 25, 2021 Terry Tucker Episode 51
Qualified Tutor Podcast
From Success to Significance: How to Maximise Your Impact as a Tutor
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"Success is what we do … significance is what we do for other people"

Terry Tucker is a man who has changed lives.

From his days as a basketball coach and a policeman in Cincinnati, to his cancer diagnosis in 2012 and his current life path, motivation has always been a significant factor in his success.

But there's a difference.

Framed appropriately in 2021's environment for education, Terry's words of wisdom into what we can take from our uncommon and extraordinary lives will inspire a generation of tutors and students alike.

To discover what Terry can inspire in you, visit his website, Motivational Check, and check out his book, Sustainable Excellence: Ten Principles To Leading Your Uncommon And Extraordinary Life, today.

We promise, you'll never look back.

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What kind of a student were you?
How has your varied career helped you to understand the power of learning?
What is uncommon and extraordinary about learning?
How do we sustain the motivation when results don’t improve?
What are the top 3 lessons that can be taken from finding obstacles but picking yourself back up again and working through them?