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Nicholas Davenport (M.S.) Get Your Mind Right

December 21, 2021 Rich Graham Episode 34
Full Spectrum Warriors Podcast
Nicholas Davenport (M.S.) Get Your Mind Right
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Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by Nicholas Davenport a professional  in applied cognitive science, as we discuss the importance of challenging and developing our brain function so we can think faster and increase our cognitive performance!

Your can follow Nicholas on Instagram @themindbody1 and @mrmentalmuscle  You can also train with Nicholas and I in the FSW University under the Cognitive Thinking  category along with Strategic Thinking Under Stress!

This episodes sponsor is Access the Wild a company that makes coffee and apparel for your next adventure outdoor! Use code HFK910 for 10% off your next order and support our charity Home Front K9 Project in the process!

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