Breathin' Air

#35 Train Like a Cyborg ~ Jean Fallacara

November 04, 2020 Mason Bendigo Season 1 Episode 35
Breathin' Air
#35 Train Like a Cyborg ~ Jean Fallacara
Show Notes

Biohacker, athlete, leader and CEO.  Jean Fallacara has been working as an experienced executive focused on technology products for the science business. +20 years of experience, founded and led a number of science-technology companies. He is also an expert in strategic planning, operations, investment management, and marketing. His specialized skills in achieving strategic objectives with the primary focus on increasing shareholders’ wealth through merger, acquisition, new business developments, or undertaking share offering and raising capital has seen him work with a number of companies.
Book: Hijack Your Body Clock: Neuroscience Calisthenics  

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