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Journey Of An Indian Musician


My name is Surjo and I'm a professional musician from India. I am mostly a touring musician who plays a 120 shows a year, in a vast majority of which I perform covers of Bollywood and English songs. It has been a while since I have released an album (5 years) and I am sincerely hoping to change that in 2020. I feel like I am not being able to express all of my views through my work in music which has taken on more of a job-like quality, and want to participate in a format with more freedom and hence this podcast. I will mostly be talking about what it is like to exist as a musician with values developed by following western artists in a space that doesn't relate to those values. Oh and I'll be talking about my tours and gigs I attend and play, and also some of the cool music I follow and some newer developments on the guitar which is my primary instrument.