Future Shop Podcast with WSL
EP27: Reinventing Healthcare from Pharmacy to Front Door with Jocelyn Konrad from Rite Aid
EP27: Reinventing Healthcare from Pharmacy to Front Door with Jocelyn Konrad from Rite Aid 32:38 EP26: Building Shopper Loyalty in a Digital World with Peter V.S. Bond 35:12 EP25: Retail Innovation: What’s Working, and Not with Candace Corlett 15:29 EP24: How to Rebrand A Retail Icon with Martin Waters from Victoria's Secret 38:35 EP23: The New Shopper Truths with Candace Corlett 19:59 EP22: E-Commerce Marketplaces: White Space? Or Black Holes? with Ping Hao & Burke White from Brand3P 39:00 EP21: How to Make Every Store A Store of the Future with Jo Horgan from Mecca Brands 32:00 EP20: “Spontaneous” Shopping is the New Efficiency with Candace Corlett 15:49 EP19: Retail After the Splurge with Steve Sadove 34:13 EP18: The Future of Retail Leadership, with Professor Stephan Kanlian and Morgan Hagney 46:25 EP17: Retail Keep Up! Hurry Up!, with Paco Underhill 44:36 EP16: The Color of Retail, with Terry Thomas from Unilever 43:48 EP15: Shopping Next: Myths, Realities and What Will Endure, with Candace Corlett 42:04 EP14: The Future of Retail from a Global View, with Christine Cross 43:26 EP13: How Kroger is Helping Americans Live Healthier Lives, with Colleen Lindholz from Kroger 45:01 EP12: The New Language of Retail, with Norman De Greve from CVS 46:43 EP11: Why Shopper-Centricity Is More Critical Than Ever Before, with Andy Murray 1:05:48 EP10: Reinventing Retail Relationships in the Midst of a Pandemic, with Greg Farrar 42:25 EP09: The Great Retail Restructuring Begins [ Part 3 ], with Candace Corlett 19:51 EP08: There is No Going Back [ Part 2 ], with Candace Corlett 15:39 EP07: Will Shoppers Ever Go Back to the Store? [ Part 1 ], with Candace Corlett 17:07 EP06: The Power of Retail to Create Calm in Stressful Times, with Dr. Gayatri Devi 26:59 EP05: How Walmart is Disrupting Health & Wellness, with Matthew Parry from Walmart 39:26 EP 04: Humanizing Brands, Retail and Corporate Culture in a Post-Pandemic World, with Craig Dubitsky from Hello Products 34:03 EP 03: What is the Future of Retail in a COVID-19 World?, with Helena Foulkes 43:34