Alaska Story Project

ASP 12, salmon advocate, Allison Barrett

July 13, 2020 Host Dan Kowalski Season 1 Episode 12
Alaska Story Project
ASP 12, salmon advocate, Allison Barrett
Show Notes

Growing up with salmon, fishing for salmon, and transboundary mining issues. 

  • Early memories & running north through the Inside Passage in the family seine boat. 
  • Fishing for sockeye salmon off of Noyes Island in SE Alaska. 
  • Alarmed by the Mt. Polley mine disaster, and implications for the major transboundary, Alaska—B.C. rivers with vital salmon runs. 
  • Embarking on a documentary film project:  "Sisters and Rivers" concerning transboundary mining issues. 
  • First nation peoples of B.C.— their perspectives on mining issues. 
  • Stories of their long resistance and struggle with multi-national corporate development in the Sacred Waters area of northern B.C.  
  • Implications of running a power line up the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, 37, into NW B.C.  
  • The Red Chris mine in the headwaters of the Stikine River;  the KSM mine development in the headwaters of the Unuk River. 
  • The complexities of transboundary mining issues:  perspectives. 
  • Aliveness, storytelling, and the documentary.