Alaska Story Project

ASP 18, with Ray Troll

January 24, 2022 Host Dan Kowalski Season 3 Episode 18
Alaska Story Project
ASP 18, with Ray Troll
Show Notes

Ray Troll's Ichthyomuse, Art and Rock & Roll

  • Formative years, early influences
  • Art as Ray’s childhood superpower
  • Kansas to Seattle, art scene, grad school, up to Ketchikan
  • Ketchikan, art scene, native culture, studio above a fish plant
  • Obsessing, drawing and painting fish; 
  • First T-shirt project, “Let’s spawn”
  • Growing his T-shirt empire;  “Spawn ’til you Die”;  “Humpies from Hell”
  • A description of Ray’s work by Brad Matsen; book projects together
  • Collaboration on Planet Ocean
  • We ARE fish;  all vertebrates are descendants of fish
  • “How I became a Scientific Surrealist”, keynote at the Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Ray’s artistic process;  phrase or pun first?
  • Sketch to finished piece;  depth and complexity; adding color
  • Rock & Roll & being part of a band
  • Ratfish:  300 million year old living fossils
  • Deep time;  perspectives on our time now
  • Fossil record tells us of enduring life