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Data Geek Series: Data Are Never Gospel Disrupting whiteness in Health Systems with Dr. Sharon Attipoe, Rachel Dungan, and Janice Tufte

February 07, 2022
Collective Power Podcast
Data Geek Series: Data Are Never Gospel Disrupting whiteness in Health Systems with Dr. Sharon Attipoe, Rachel Dungan, and Janice Tufte
Show Notes

In this show, three experts of health systems data bring us insights into how racism and bias contribute to all points of health data collection, from uncovering old assumptions--like assuming lower thresholds of pain for African Americans, competition among groups, inappropriate diagnoses for bodies of color. Our guests invite us to  recommend engaging diverse stakeholders in problem-solving, centering narratives on the direct experience of patients, disrupting and questioning the norm of whiteness in all aspects of health systems. 

Our guests are Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo, Janice Tufte and Rachel Dungan.
Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo, Ph.D., MPH
is Principal of Tersha LLC, is grounded in her cultural identity as a Ghanaian-American who embraces the intersectional facets of being a wife and mom in her work. As a community scholar activist, she found her path from engineering into public health. The vision for her work is rooted in culturally responsive and equitable tools for co-designing research and evaluation initiatives with communities, for national and international research and evaluation projects.

Janice Tufte, Seattle, WA., identifies as a #PatientPartner involved in Health Systems/ Services Research (HSSR). Her focus of work is within the social determinants of health (SDoH), addressing disparities and building community partnerships. Janice served on a Patient Centered Outcomes Institute (PCORI) Learning Health Systems (LHS/SDoH) clinic-community liaison project as a Patient Co-Investigator in 2012 and this was pioneering for research projects to include patients directly in research proccesses ten years ago. Multi-stakeholder collaboration is a priority when starting any project as this is a recipe component to ensuring success.

Rachel Dungan works at the intersection of sectors and stakeholder groups, to advance health policy and systems research (HPSR) and enhance its impact. Rachel’s portfolio of work, as Director at AcademyHealth, focuses on engagement science: how to conduct and measure the impact of meaningful, equitable stakeholder engagement in health research, policy, and practice. She also oversees projects focused on best practices for collaboration and codesign, and for building the health data infrastructure to support patient-centered research. Rachel recently completed a Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship (FPPF) in Côte d’Ivoire, while studying local approaches to community-informed national health policymaking. She earned a Master of Science in Social Policy (MSSP) from the University of Pennsylvania, and her Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Music (BM) degrees from the Pennsylvania State University Schreyer Honors College. She serves as an active speaker and patient advocate in the vision research and disability communities

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Sharon Attipoe-Dorcoo, Ph.D.

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Janice Tufte

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Rachel Dungan

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Originally recorded on  2/2/2022.

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