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It's all one System: Changing the Formula of our Purple Country

February 14, 2021 Season 1 Episode 45
Collective Power Podcast
It's all one System: Changing the Formula of our Purple Country
Show Notes

In this episode, we use  the mathematical definition of a "system" as a set of rules that preserve a certain result, to look at the ways that the System as a whole preserves itself.  Our guest, Attorney Karla Cruel, walks us through her approach to re-write the constitution--laid out in a new article she co-wrote with Rita Fierro on Medium (link below). Rewriting the constitution is a strategy designed to bring out the purple majority and  overcome the dialectic of blue against red that we've become accustomed  that keeps our country oppressing many to the benefit of the 1%.
Karla L. Cruel, Esq., is an  educator, now social entrepreneur who launched Legal Empowerment Group to educate and support lower-to-middle income individuals. She worked as staff attorney for Tenant Union Representative Network (TURN), assisting with Philadelphia’s Eviction Prevention Project.  Throughout her schooling, she has been promoting social equality and racial and religious reconciliation.  Ms. Cruel attended and graduated from Drexel University’s Thomas Kline School of Law. She has practiced law in various areas including criminal law, family law, landlord-tenant law, business law, charter school law and other civil transactional and litigation. Karla L. Cruel is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania. Ms. Cruel also holds a master’s degree from Saint Joseph’s University in criminal justice is a mentor, speaker, educator and community advocate.

Resources mentioned on the show:
It's time to re-write the Constitution article
Charles Hamilton Houston history
Brown vs. board of Education 1954 case history
Most Americans live in Purple America Washington Post Article
George Orwell's 1984 book
Attorney Karla's instagram page
Attorney Karla's Twitter page

Originally recorded  on February 11, 2021.

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