AI and Hollywood Strikes: The Deep State Impact and Political Dynamics

July 13, 2023 Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Alex Licitra Season 2 Episode 92
AI and Hollywood Strikes: The Deep State Impact and Political Dynamics
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AI and Hollywood Strikes: The Deep State Impact and Political Dynamics
Jul 13, 2023 Season 2 Episode 92
Andrew Lieb / Lauren Lieb / Alex Licitra

The Cast rips apart the veil of complacency surrounding the AI-induced disruptions that are shaking our world.

With his characteristic flair, Andrew Lieb tackles the polarized dynamics between Republicans and Democrats, revealing the contrasting attitudes to differing ideologies within the parties. The plot thickens as we veer into the Hollywood strikes where artists demand AI protection in their union contracts.

We don't just scratch the surface here. Lieb is all about the big picture, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive legislation and policies to counter the inevitable challenges thrown up by AI.

The conversation is heated, the stakes are high, and the viewpoints are diverse. Buckle up as we navigate the controversial alleyways of the "deep state" theory, allegations against Hunter Biden, and the effectiveness of unions in a world increasingly molded by AI.

So, tune in to the Lieb Cast. It's time to face the music and dance to the tune of politics, AI, and societal evolution.

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The Cast rips apart the veil of complacency surrounding the AI-induced disruptions that are shaking our world.

With his characteristic flair, Andrew Lieb tackles the polarized dynamics between Republicans and Democrats, revealing the contrasting attitudes to differing ideologies within the parties. The plot thickens as we veer into the Hollywood strikes where artists demand AI protection in their union contracts.

We don't just scratch the surface here. Lieb is all about the big picture, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive legislation and policies to counter the inevitable challenges thrown up by AI.

The conversation is heated, the stakes are high, and the viewpoints are diverse. Buckle up as we navigate the controversial alleyways of the "deep state" theory, allegations against Hunter Biden, and the effectiveness of unions in a world increasingly molded by AI.

So, tune in to the Lieb Cast. It's time to face the music and dance to the tune of politics, AI, and societal evolution.

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This is the Lieb cast, where we talk about how today's current events impact your real life if you are tired of politics or you are just exhausted from the spin this show is for you. My name is Andrew Lieb, and every week I host to talk radio show Breaking down the news. From an independent point of view. We discuss real estate, business and your health hear from the experts and learn the truth on the LEAP cast.

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Your personal coach and trusted attorney Andrew lieb

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Who's ready for Barbie? Barbie Barbie movies coming out? We got Ryan Gosling and he's Ken and he doesn't have his own identity he's very sad about it. That's what the previews are saying that he's nothing without Barbie. Well, it's true. That's what Lauren tells me but I I'm independent. I'm still

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actually the fifth I am on back into the Barbie thing I thought Barbie was gone in like the 90s So the fact where you been? I have a boy Mac way back. I just didn't go to the store you don't see like a million aisles of Barbie so like why is it so significant now? I don't know. First of all, what stores do you go to? Like you're an online shopper. Second of all, Amazon down the aisles of Amazon I do not see Barbie ever. No but everything's back to Fall Out Boy just saying we didn't start the fire. Oh, happy about it. Yeah, although I have to tell you Fall Out Boy. We got problems you and I

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first of all when you get older and you're Fallout man, it's gonna be really falling out. Boy. No, but seriously, like he didn't do an order. Like it's all scattered Billy Joel is like is chronological. Yeah, it's like a timeline. Yeah. So like, I feel like someone should take it and like, tell me Oh, yeah, put an order. Well, I think it's actually pretty apt because everything is chaos. Everything's chaos. Everything speaks it speaks to that. Actually, actually, you're actually introducing our topic Alex. Morty is not here. The cause is still in

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court. He's busy, busy, busy. Cheryl's killing someone on the phone right now. We got scared. We even opened her door. And Lauren and I are gonna visiting Day this weekend can sleepaway camp day but like six and a half hours away, so we have to by the time we get there and take breaks and be like eight hours. So we're not here tomorrow. But

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Alex, this topic is so apropos about the chaos going on. And it all we can say there's two cases where I'm gonna tell you one, but that's not the topic. The first chaos goes to Christopher rea testifying yesterday. He's the FBI director. He testifies yesterday, and they asked him questions about a two tiered FBI. Is there two different two different tiers? Like is there a is no longer Republican Democrat as why learn to Lauren?

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Freedom versus deep state? That's what that's No, that's state? Well, I'll tell you why. Because Christopher rea is a Republican, appointed by a Republican who prosecuted Republicans. So consequently, how could we have a two tier system? And he said, In testimony, that there's no special privileges for Hunter, but then what you read as he's a rhino, and I was thinking to myself, and this is not the topic. What did he mean by Ryan? Republican in name only?

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Ever? I actually I should have asked you didn't know what that meant either. No, really right now. So the wild is there's no dyno.

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There's no democrat? No, like, Democrats don't do that. I broke the line. No, I want to tell you what the topic is, then we're gonna go back to this because I don't want to miss where we're, I really want to talk about AI today, and how that's really about to make all my TV shows disappear. And I'm very concerned about Well, you said chaos is not allegedly it's happening. We're at the point right now, where we have the writers on strike for going on 72 or 73 days. We have the actors joining them. We got a problem going on with TV and it's about AI and I want to talk about AI. Sarah Silverman is suing AI. She's suing open AI and meta for copyright infringement. We're seeing yeah, there's all sorts of things because backed out, we're in the Era of Chaos, and we have a big disrupter of chaos. But let's go back to Christopher Wright, just so we could because this is a fundamental issue that I think is problematic. It's, we have to chaos says this is the story of chaos. Chaos. One is that we have a technological disrupter in AI right now. And how it's unseating people's jobs. That's one thing that we're going to talk about, okay. But the other thing that's important to talk about is whenever you go with your Republican, be a Republican, Republican, sure, Republican, sure. Republican, always be an actor. No. But like, if let's assume you're a Republican, and let's assume you voted Republican. Let's assume you're appointed by a Republican. Let's assume your voting record on education is Republican. Okay? Military is Republican.

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fiscal debt is Republicans. I'm not a rhino. No, you're 100% Republican. Okay? You're not a rhino and no social issues. No social issues you you don't want any transgender crap you're not into that i You're totally LGBT community. I think women should be cleaning a house like your laundry. Hey, you don't believe me to go home might need to go home. You shouldn't be at work. No, like, do some dishes. No, but let's assume let's assume that you believe that America has failed you because our parents generation allowed a single income household

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of a blue collar job to allow one a woman to stay home and raise the kids. And let's assume that's all you like, right? Let's just go with that. Let's, let's, let's say for a second at work, that sounds lovely. But let's say for a soccer game. No, I just want nothing to do. I'm gonna tell you the chaos for number one. Okay. We have Cheney, Liz Cheney. Okay. Liz Cheney can't get any more Republican on a voting record. Like, let's be Liz Cheney, like it's in Panama. I'm putting on my pearls. No, but I'm telling you, it is impossible anytime well, but let's have a purpose. Okay. So do you agree with me? Alex, from an you're a Democrat, right? Well, you're independent free thinker. You're a free thinker. But can we agree as someone who you are a free thinker, that Liz Cheney has the most Republican of Republican voting records that you can have? Yeah, like she's in that sweet spot. There might be one person that voted slightly more Republican than her. But she was number three in house in the Republicans. Do we agree with that? She's pretty rough up vote Republican. She's no Rhino. Well, she is a rhino. That's the point that I'm trying to make. The second she did January 6, everyone in the Maga world thinks she's a rhino. Christopher rea testifies yesterday before Congress. Jim Jordans is there. We got the Republicans opportunity to talk to him. He explains that he was appointed by Trump.

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He explains the FBI investigating different people.

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He explains that did three different Agee's attorneys general that were appointed by Republicans prosecuted all of Trump's orbit? Republican on Republican Yeah. Hence not a word Republican a lot of times hence not a two tiered system. And if you go on social media today, all you see is Christopher Ray is a rhino. He's a Democrat. He's fake. He's not actually a he's not one that we can trust. And one of the fundamental problems and I'm not against Republicans, I want you to know and I'm not for Democrats. What I'm against is anyone who says anything that goes against what the Republican Magga movement says is suddenly labeled as a non Republican or Republican in name only. Because there is nothing not Republican about Christopher rea. Right. There's nothing not Republican about Liz Cheney. Like the problem with the Republican party today. Is that any divergent view on any issue even if it's fringe makes you to be cast aside as your against the team. You're no longer on the team like people come up to me like I have a big problem on and like someone was on our thing and says that I'm not really an independent

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person that wrote the five pages. I got a five page letter of that I donate to buy it. I've never donated to anyone just to put that out there a liar you donate to buy. I've only donated to nonprofits before that were helping disadvantaged communities. I've never I've never I want you to know it's true. Andrew, you're just

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donating to people who have disabilities? Oh, no, I didn't say disabilities. I worked. I was on colonial youth board, which was a nonprofit that was helping out people in the William Floyd school district that were disadvantaged communities, like whether it's food subsidies, or otherwise I was also I worked for LGBT network when it was called legally for helping children that were more suicidal because of the LGBT anyway. I'm fine with helping those causes. I've never and don't plan on ever voting, I mean, donating to a politician. And I'll tell you why. Because I don't believe anyone should vote me to a politician. I think we should overturn Citizens United and not allow them to have money. I think they should have no money whatsoever. We should give them a budget. You got a million dollars, you spend a million in one you go to jail. You both get a million dollars. That's the whole thing. Like I like it first impression. That's maybe it's maybe them off on the number, maybe it's 100,000. Maybe it's 10 million. I don't care. The government gives you the money. Yeah, no donations. I'm against it. But the media spend on this. I don't think you get any money on the media. So you can't go on television. You can't have commercial, you can go on television, when there's a debate. They should have official debates we should have. Anyway, I don't want to get into that. What I want to get into in this. The chaos that we're talking about is any dissenting voice in the Republican Party is no longer a Republican or deep state is

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That works. Okay. They're part of the establishment, the deep state, they're there. They're not just they're a Republican in name only winning free in what the deep state is? Well, you explain what I'm asking you to explain it in the sense of the word that when people are really upset about the deep state, so what they think it's an establishment statement, Lauren, it's saying that people, and I didn't research this because I know you're gonna ask me this question. I didn't know we were playing 20 questions.

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He doesn't know the technical term for Well, I know what the answer is. I just don't want to be misquoting so the answer is it's the establishment that's been running Washington for years and years and years. And they like to say it's the bureaucrats in Washington, and all the people that are pulling the strings and levers of power, like the example would be, even though the Clintons are no longer in office, they're part of the deep state and the deep state controls everything. Political. It's like political corruption, political established. Structures are like, are corrupt by the political class. And one of Trumps things when he was running for office was to clear the swamp. The Swamp was referring to the deep state, the deep state if you watch things like my blacklist, you watch blacklist. Yeah, the Cabal, the cabal is the deep state like the it's like a boogeyman. It's the boogeyman, yeah. And put their own anyone who's establishment. So basically, here's the way the deep state works, though, from the way I look at it.

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There's people that have worked their life to get to positions of power, and positions of importance be based on education, based on working towards it based on apprenticeship based on going up the ladder, right, and they get to this position of power. And some of them don't make it a power. Some are middle managers, some are lower management, but they work towards it. And they have a legitimacy to be there. And the people on the outside that are not in there, whether they're firemen, or

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their bus drivers, or their landscapers, or they work at a store or a gas station.

Unknown Speaker  12:07  
They think those people that tell them what to do and do things must be corrupt. means the only reason you would do that is to be corrupt, and to be able to be in it for yourself. And there's things that they don't understand. And whenever they don't understand that these are the people outside the people that love freedom. It must be the system trying to control me and to their defense.

Unknown Speaker  12:28  
There's people there that are corrupt. Yeah, I was gonna say that there is corruption, there's corruption, but the percentage of corruption, they make it like it's 90% of the whole, when it's less than 9% of the whole I'm not saying it's nine or 90, but they make it like all of government is corrupt, like all of media is corrupt. Like I'm reading a book right now that I was telling Alex about earlier. And it's about I think it's called listening to strangers. It was called listening. Hold on, tell you exactly what's called I welcome glad as Malcolm Gladwell, I use Libby, which is that free library OPT. And I think it's great. You can get every book on tape talking to strangers by Malcolm Gladwell. And the whole concept is that we have a truth default when we're talking to people. And it's hard to detect liars and manipulators because as society, we have a truth default. And the question becomes he posits is, would it be better if we had a lying default? And his point is no, because nothing would move forward in society, no one would get anything done. I have a good analogy. Tell me think about what it feels like to be in a relationship with someone who has trust issues. Okay, how much is cord that can cause right? It's not coming from you. You didn't do anything wrong, but your partner has trust issues. They assume that you're always lying. Yeah, relationships, not going to be healthy, because that person is always going to see in your behavior, something to be suspicious about. So if that's how we're operating as a society, that seems sounds right. To me, to your point, the people that have trust issues are the people that love freedom, that are this fringe part of the Magga movement, that believe the deep state is the person we're supposed to trust. I'm giving you the full analogy. And the deep state is the people that we see as wrong. So you have two choices. Is your glass half full or glass half glass half empty? That's how we look at everything. Are you into as Obama would say hope? Or are you in to what Trump would tell us that? Like if you listen to Trump,

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and you'll listen to him speak, and

Unknown Speaker  14:30  
everything is terrible.

Unknown Speaker  14:33  
The worst let's make it great again. So the question is, but make it make it great again, implies that it's terrible now that we have to make it great because it is great now. And so gaslighting almost Yeah, but it's just who you are. Do you believe in one or the other? And Malcolm Gladwell. His book fortunately shows that most people are into trusting truth. And if you spent all your energies trying to stop people from getting you

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then you would never have any energy to get anything done. Like, that's what the whole book is about. Like if I spent all my day being like, Are you lying to me? Are you lying to me? Are you lying to me? Are you lying to me? Well, then you'd have no energy. Like, imagine you go to the gas station, they pump your gas. And you say to yourself, I wonder if they gave me as many gallons, it says over here, I gotta go check the balance. Like, that's what these people are saying. And so to your question about the deep state, the concept is that the whole world and I'll tell you where deep state comes from, in my mind that I'm not a psychologist, but I think about it a lot. And I think it's that when you don't understand something, and it's powerful, and you're weak. And I'm not saying you're a weak person, don't take that the wrong way. I mean, like, you don't control the tax code these people do, right. You don't control EPA, these people too. You don't control science, these people do. So they have power, you don't have power. So in a power differential, you're weaker, they're stronger. Yeah. And then you put on top of that, that you don't understand the thing. And they say things to you. They must be doing it to be corrupt, because the only way to help self worth yourself is to diminish them. The is to acknowledge they're more powerful and more knowledgeable about the topic is to admit that you're weaker and worse. It's always been like that. So my question then is what why is it worse now? You know, where did the social media social media, because keep on reading more people? There's a few things. There's two things on that I want to I want to address. Number one thing is embolden meant. And number two is access to information. So let's talk about both separately. embodiment when it comes to social media is like we're doing this podcast, what's our barrier to entry to do the podcast, we could just go do the podcasts. Like, it turns out that we have a media following. I had a radio show and like we do these things, and some people just do out of their basement. But some people that do our basement have more listeners than us like, it just it happens. There's a low and then you could be a weekend warrior on your keyboard from Mama's basement and type whatever you want. Right. That's one thing. That's been Bolden. And the other thing is access to information. And there's tons of information there. And the problem is you and I have spoken about on lupus many times, Lauren, is that people aren't trained for critical thinking. And they're not trained to be able to distinguish between reliable information and non reliable information, right. But they've also been disempowered in a sense, because we've been told to trust these institutions who are supposed to be doing right by us. We like outsourced our power to them. And they must be feeling like they're not doing the right thing. Well give me an example. I'll give you an example. And I think you're right, but I want to give you an example of what I'm talking about. A friend of mine, a good friend of mine, I'm supposed to go fishing with him tonight. My therapist tells me that maybe I shouldn't but we'll go on. And so he was very sick. So you're gonna listen to this before you go. Listen, only once canceled. I like I like him. He's this guy, though. So I'm gonna tell you what his problem is. It's called guy called Mike because that's his fucking name. So I don't care. So the thing is that he came at me after I was in Newsweek saying that it's like the Empire emperor has no clothes when we deal with Hunter Biden that there's never actually any evidence we always hear there's going to be evidence, where's the evidence? That's always and he said, It's your job to disprove that there's evidence blah, blah, blah, blah. And I said, Well, I'm not an investigative reporter. I'm a legal analyst, two different jobs doesn't matter. I don't do one. Anyway, I'm just giving background. And then, two days later, a day later, I sent him the Department of Justice press release that the whistleblower he was referring to is actually a Chinese agent, and he was just indicted that day. So I said to him, I said you, I don't really care. But I thought he asked you to debunk it. But I didn't do it on the social media where he was having a public forum with other people talking smack to me. I just texted it to him privately, because I thought he wanted to know, because you have a fiduciary duty to know because he's been my friend him. He's been my friend.

Unknown Speaker  18:50  
Because he's been a friend of mine for a long time. And he asked, so I said, I saw it, I gave it to him. He writes back to me, I'm paraphrasing, this is old news. He writes back to me, we all knew about this. And I said, it's dated today from the Department of Justice's website that they just indicted him today. So the fundamental issue is that does he not believe that that that is new? Well, let me finish. And then he says to me, he says to me, no, this is just this author writing about it. So this author's the Department of Justice website like it is what it is, because if you listen to Megyn Kelly, you would know this for a long time. Okay, as melon Megyn Kelly knows more than the Department of Justice. My point is my point is this. We talked about embodiment and access to information I said on access. For information. The difference is the critical thinking ability to know the difference between facts and non facts. And so he doesn't understand he didn't go to a social science program in college where you would understand about how different information works and the Department of Justice, press release.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
on their indictment is their secondary information based on their primary information, which would be the indictment Megyn Kelly's tertiary information based on their secondary information, which is primary information than diamond being the primary information source. If you follow what I'm saying he did an under let me just finish the sentence. And you can tell everyone, My point being that he gives more credence to Megyn Kelly because he likes Megyn Kelly, and trusted Megyn Kelly than he does to the Department of Justice who has the primary information who filed the primary information. And I'm not telling him that just to be clear, I didn't care if the whistleblower was right or wrong. I'm more than happy for Biden to go to jail. I could care less if he'd committed a crime. I hope it's good. I wasn't trying to debunk anything. He just asked me for info. So I showed him the deal. So the point that I'm trying to make is

Unknown Speaker  20:54  
we have a fundamental issue in society chaos, where Megyn Kelly's TV show

Unknown Speaker  21:02  
gets more credence than a press release on the Department of Justice's website, when the press release is telling us that the Department of Justice themselves Yeah, did something. Yeah, that day. Yeah. And somehow the stronger piece of information is a news commentator who's paid by the way for entertainment purposes, she's an entertainer.

Unknown Speaker  21:25  
Because a Fox News is an entertainment. No, no, no, that's honestly, there's both there's entertainment hosts and news hosts, there's different. There's different people on all these channels aren't don't they both have commercials and sponsors they do. But there's a difference. There's, like Bret bears on the new side, you have to look at who is on which like they're different sides of the channels. And on all these channels, like in defense, Rachel Maddow is on the entertainment side of the channels. She's not a news person on I'm just giving you both sides. There's news people, and then there's Entertainment Analysis is Does that make sense? Like so there's certain people that just give you the news. But setting that aside, even a news person shouldn't be what you're listening to, as I'm not saying not to listen to him. But if you were faced with two things, a press release from the Department of Justice's website versus a news person talking about the press release from the Department of Justice website. And they conflict. I promise you the DOJ is website is right. But that speaks to the depths of mistrust. I was gonna say, Andrew saying a lot of words about primary, and I'm not sure that primary is an important word. Well, I agree with people. But I agree with what you're saying. Yeah, but the word primary just the way I'm using it. It's a term of art, but I'll tell you what it means. You have to say like that. I do. But I'll tell you what it means such an elite know what Oh, is a primary source means where did it come from the origination, the start of it all? So a prime said people give weight to different source? Can I just answer your first question before you go to second one, a primary source would be the baseball player that hit the homerun knows that the baseball player hit the homerun there's no more primary source. Like if you were gonna ask me whether someone so hit a homerun or asked the baseball player that hit the homerun, whether he hit the homerun he hit the homerun he was fucking there. So somebody sitting in the last row wouldn't be primary primary, because they'd be there. Do you agree? Yeah. I think that we assume that when we're watching the news that that the primary from a primary like a layperson is going to think that they're getting their information from a primary source. So you put your trust and then in the media, I'm not against the trust of the media. I want to put that out there. It's just that the media is not primary, like the media is reporting on primary sources agree or moved from the primary. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, it's removed. Sure. It might be one degree might be two degrees. But it's not like telling me that ESPN, Lauren, which is actually an example, said someone so hit a home run that day, is a secondary source, telling me that I was there, and I saw the home run, that's a primary source. I'm just giving you a difference. But if I don't trust you as the primary source and I think you're shady, yeah, I agree with ya, then I might just look somewhere else and use my instincts, because that's the only thing that's left to me, which I think which I agree with Alex, and I think you're on to exactly what's going on. And I think that if you're going to analyze whether this person just to be clear, that was the whistleblower is actually a Chinese agent. Instincts are very good. And I think that we don't have a conviction. So instincts are actually appropriate. That all said whether he was charged that day is a matter of unmapped controversial fact. There's no way to dispute that that happened that day. I wasn't saying that. He's a Chinese agent. That is something that your instinct should say maybe the Democrats are trying to frame him as a agent to undermine the investigation. I'm not telling you I don't know that's true or false. I don't

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
Well, no, like, I would give more weight to the DOJ, to this conversation than to my instincts. But that goes to this entire conversation. I'm willing to have that conversation. Yeah. But as an analyst, which you are you analyze primary sources to analyze primary sources. And then I also read other people's secondary and tertiary sources, because I like to anticipate what everyone else's takes are on things. And then I go back to the primary source to go over, but we're on into the weeds. What I really want to be talking about right now, and I'm gonna just bring it right back to it one more time. Well, I think it's important is that

Unknown Speaker  25:37  
there, there's debates on

Unknown Speaker  25:40  
facts that we should not be having anymore. Like, we should not be having a conversation whether the world is round or not, like we know the world is round. There are tons of Flat Earthers. I know. I got that point. A ton, like conventions where I got it. But my point being again, yeah, on this one,

Unknown Speaker  26:00  
assuming a Republican comes out and says, This guy was charged.

Unknown Speaker  26:09  
You shouldn't call him a rhino, because he says that. Now you may call him a rhino, I'm fine with you call him a rhino, if he says, we should 100% trust the FBI. And he is 100% of Chinese agent, and he should go to jail for life, because that's the facts.

Unknown Speaker  26:27  
That is being a rhino because it's fine to say he's charged with being a Chinese agent. And we'll see what the conclusions you got it functions and that's all I'm trying to say here. And so when I analyze things people got on me because I said Trump is screwed. And I didn't say he screwed because he did everything. I said he screwed because first of all, they have recordings of him admitting it, audio recordings of him admitting it. And because I did statistics every year right now, well, he you're getting charged with 37 different charges that could be hundreds of years in jail and more charges. And I just, I was just saying, like the odds he gets out of that, like, let's imagine, for example, you have a house. And let's assume you have a pipe leak, I think you could probably handle that maybe it's an easy fix. Now you also have a roof leak, you could probably handle that. That's a tough, there's a tornado, it's coming. There's actually a tornado coming. And we're afraid the trees are gonna come down. That's a tough spot. But I think you can handle that. Now one of your toilets backs up, I think you could handle it. But at some point, you just caved in extra Solomon point there. There's a pendulum swing. And all I'm trying to say is I don't think you're a rhino for acknowledging the fact that we're past a point of inflection. That's what they call it, where it goes beyond a point where even if you were able to crawl out of 90% of these issues, the odds are you're screwed.

Unknown Speaker  27:53  

Unknown Speaker  27:56  
So I need to say that and then I need to say we have chaos. And we're gonna go over our normal 30 minutes. So because we didn't get to the topic that I really want to talk about, and I'm not going to go off without doing it. The secondary topic is AI. So there's two topics right now there's chaos going on. One is that in democratic world, you could be against the massive Democrats like a mansion, a cinema, and you could still be a Democrat. Like, you may not be a popular Democrat. There might be flack for you. But you're still Democrat, there's outlier voices that say things are realism. Yeah. And they say things.

Unknown Speaker  28:36  
And I'm not saying that the mainstream Democrats are right. And they're often wrong. But there's voices and you could say things that disagree and not be cast aside and immediately shunned from the party right. The problem with I have when Republicans say this is the main thing that would make me more likely to vote Democrats and Republicans say is that if you say anything that's not in line with what you're supposed to do no original thought you are automatically a rhino and castrated to the side of the aisle like Elizabeth Cheney, Liz Cheney is a fucking Republican. And I know you don't like when I curse Lauren, but it gets me so angry. I'm so angry. I'm going to tell you what happens right? I'm gonna tell you guys what's going on right now. He's Lauren's giving me eyes the whole time about that that Edward? Well, no, it's not even that she's lying to you. I'm gonna tell you what it is right? So she thinks I talk too fast in too deep conversations, too technical stuff, and she also tells me, she also tells me she also tells me that I shouldn't curse. And there's an article that says is DeSantis just not dumb enough for Republicans? The perils of a true believing conservative intellectual and a Trumpy party Trumpy.

Unknown Speaker  29:52  
It won't be chump change. He was he was a bear. But I think I think that's the problem that I want to see.

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
A rhino party Emerg like lets him

Unknown Speaker  30:05  
know like, let's be Republicans in name only, like oh, the Lincoln part the Lincoln project that's what they're going for. But I think that they should be called the rhinos like, let's turn this term around like whenever you watch rappers they use the N word. They've own the word. You see I'm saying it's become their word. Like anyone who votes Republican who likes Republican that wants to like I don't know, say that a fact happened and doesn't want it like Christopher rea is not a rhino because he's testifying that he didn't give special treatment to Hunter Biden, they need to reclaim the word Rhino. Make it cool, they're gonna make it cool. And they have an opportunity and the opportunity ghosts are separate second topic is that we're on the strikes. We got the WGA strike which is the writers their last strike 2007 they're striking. Now this, this has affected late night TV already. This has affected what's going on, on all shows. And guess what? Sag just joined in they're joining in and this bad boy. And people are talking about it's about residuals about money from streaming, people are talking about the about wage and hours and yeah, that's all true. But the key interesting part of it, is they want protection. creating chaos for everything, Lauren, they want protection writers, the writers and actors and entertainment. They want protection in their contract because they have a contract Lauren, and in case you don't know the alliance of motion pictures and television producers, which represents companies like Amazon, Apple, CBS, Disney, NBC, Universal, Netflix, Paramount, global, Sony Warner Brothers discovery, like pretty much every Entertainment Network has contracts with MERS that's not. What I said to you is that all these entertainment networks are part of the alliance of motion pictures and television producers. And they have what's called a collective bargaining agreement, which is a contract with both the WGA which is the writers in Sag, which sag is sag AF tra, which is

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
which is actors. The actors union has 160,000 members, and we think about people like Richard Gere, but it's not. Yes. But are you? Yeah. So it's not about the actors that making the multi-millions How many people Alex, so some of those in Sag are not making money and say many extra you can be auditioning for years, you can have had one role with one line. Yeah, I feel like those are the people who This strike is really for and those are the people who yes or no. So I think it's for them when it comes to residuals to comes to health care benefits and pension. It's for actually the prime actors when it comes to artificial intelligence, right. And artificial intelligence, just you know, let's assume that you work for the Teamsters? Well, that's a bad example. Let's assume that you're in a local union of contractors, okay.

Unknown Speaker  32:57  
And you want to fight artificial intelligence. So you go, Oh, artificial intelligence, guess what robotics is artificial intelligence.

Unknown Speaker  33:05  
When they make up robot plumber, you'll see how much that changes everything and they will.

Unknown Speaker  33:10  
Artificial Intelligence may not be protected under the National Labor Relations Board. So basically, a union has a right to strike under the National Labor Relations Act. And if they strike, they can't lose their job. They're allowed to strike about things like I don't know, wages, hours, terms and conditions of employment. But is artificial intelligence replacing part of your job a term and condition of employment? It's very unclear. Yeah. So this strike medical as well. It's very hypothetical. Well, I don't know, they haven't ruled out when, like in the future if if AI is going to replace actors, right, unless it's already it's already happening already happening is already writing shows writing. Acting, yeah, notice, okay. So there's places they're using them as actors to but that's not why it's because a court hasn't ruled yet, whether a replacement technology is a term and condition of employment. And but my point that I'm trying to make and we'll go back to that, please bring that up. Again, I don't want to lose that is that if you're a local union new strike, it's possible that your job can just be replaced. If you're striking on something that's not a term and condition or employment, or with respect to hours or wages, you're only protected if it's on these categories. Yeah. So what's interesting is that no one can replace top actors, right? So they're not going to fire them. So what's interesting is all workers that are not in Sag, should be paying attention to this. The a SAG has a lot more leverage to not lose their jobs in striking without the protections of federal law, like federal law, National Labor Relations Act, gives unions protections gives them power, and certain miners need power otherwise they have no power or replace you with new miners. But you're not going to go do that with top

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
Hollywood like Brad Pitt's not getting replaced, right. And so like when there's, there's people. And so it really matters that they're the ones taking on this fight. Because if anyone else took out this fight, they will just get rid of them, right? Because they're replaced, they're expendable, they're expendable. And you're allowed to, because as of right now, there's no case that says that's it, and I don't think there's going to be. And so then the question becomes, and this is what I wanted to talk about chaos. AI is changing our world right now. So fast, like I did Fox five last night on AI. And I think that you like there's a three year contract they're talking about right now these sag people.

Unknown Speaker  35:43  
And they want protections from Ai, cloning them basically and having like, it's already affecting writers, but doctors don't want to be like, Wow, that's a new mission. Impossible. And that's not Tom Cruise. That's fake Tom Cruise. Right. Yeah. And that's a concern. But aren't they just putting off the inevitable? That's kind of what I want to put out there. Like, at the end of the day, like, yeah, maybe they won't, they'll get a term in the contract now. Yeah. But the only thing that's really going to stop Tom Cruise from being AI Tom Cruise is legislation that gives Tom Cruise rights to be able to sue for AI Tom Cruise, right? Yeah. But for that, like no term of a negotiation is going to do it. So yes, this is important. And people want to know why the strike isn't happening. But it really comes back to this whole thing when we get into Congress. Yeah. Any Republican who doesn't go with the Republican line is a rhino. So how can they get anything done? And we need fast moving legislation where we have Democrats in control of the Senate. And by the way, even though it's 51 people, you're still seeing our VP doing the deciding vote, because we got issues with Fetterman, we got issues with the California 300 year old Senator Feinstein.

Unknown Speaker  36:56  
And so my point being that it's so divided there. And what we really need is concrete legislation. And I think, I guess that's point takeaways. On this AI is changing the work world. It's changing right now, in writing, and potentially acting and movies and stuff like that. Would you say photography, like, I'm just thinking of all the different things, it's like, what else? The law, the law is changing. It's changing how we decide case accountants. I don't know if there's, I don't know, if you saw a chat, GBT just came out with a way that they're now gonna have good numbers and good math, and they're gonna be able to charge and analysis for finance. And Harvard has its first AI professor. And so it's changing the world. It's changed AI is changing the world. And I got news for the WGA and sag your collective bargaining agreements, not going to stop that you're being a traditional conservative stopping progress. I get that part, which is interesting that the Republicans aren't taking up the fact that it's conservatism to stop AI as emergence, because that's how you stay and make America great. Again, if we had AI in the future, it'd be a new America. But that's a different story for different. All right. So anyway, back to anyway, I'm just putting that one out there. A little rough.

Unknown Speaker  38:14  
Back to it.

Unknown Speaker  38:17  
The point is, and I think that we need to emphasize this, that right now, we need to change two fundamental things. And I don't think the writers

Unknown Speaker  38:31  
or the actors are going to do it, they're just highlighting an issue. This, this strike to me isn't about the collective bargaining agreement, although it should be. And it's fundamentally at its core about it. It's about the need to get our Congress to stop saying we're not going to give a promotion to a military person, tuber bill, just because we're trying to get something as a political point to show that I'm a good Republican, like let's instead say to each other,

Unknown Speaker  39:00  
you're Republican, because you vote Republican, even if there's times when you disagree with your party. And let's not say that you have to be 100% in a tribe to be part of the tribe where some free thinking and original thought and maybe we should learn that every one's not the deep state and the boogeyman is not trying to get you maybe what we need to realize right now. It's not the writers and prep doesn't need your help. What's a little bit he's not so big anymore, dude. How many millions of dollars about you need to be big? Yeah, he's good. He's seen the there's like an Instagram post of him aging from like 1995 now and it's like Benji have been

Unknown Speaker  39:42  
quite attractive to debt to debt.

Unknown Speaker  39:46  
Barbie doesn't need your help anymore. And I tell you, Ryan Gosling is doing just fine. And my point being that a lot of these not the people that were in sag like you were these big stores, they're going to be fun.

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
Mind either way, but we need to look at this as an opportunity that we do need regulation and AI, or we need to accept as a country that our job and our markets about to shift. I don't know, that's necessarily a bad thing I have to happening. It's going to happen. Yeah, yeah. So but we do need to put things in place that controls how it happens. And that protects people from, you know, in an orderly manner, consequence. And so your socialist concept, but I want to, I want to say that that a rhino,

Unknown Speaker  40:28  
Rhino, so that's what we should call you for now. But my point going forward, is that I think that to your point, we're going off a cliff. And that's what's happening right now. Things are about to change. And we can either do it as a runway, or as a cliff. That's the real two choices. That's the best way to look at it. And the actors are trying to say, we want it to be a runway, not a cliff. Yeah. And I'm telling you, that's great. Maybe they'll get their three year contract that protects them in this way. But at the end of the day, what about the plumbers? Right? What about compensation? What about the electricians? What about all the teachers? Yeah, that's a big union. Yeah, the coal miners Yeah. But if we're going to do that, maybe we need to work on our trust issues. So we can tackle the issues side by side and put our heads together instead of like, that's happening, which is chaos. And the starting place is that we all need to accept what a primary sources and understand that as a society, the boogeyman is going to get you you are going to get robbed, there's going to be come a time. Yeah, there's going to be a time when you run out of gas. There's going to be a time when your spouse gets in a fight with you your significant other cheats on you. You're going to have someone that hates you. You can't spend your entire life trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. You can only move forward and with some degree of trust, and if we don't move forward with some degree of trust and start functioning and making the wheels start turning, the wheels of time are never going to catch up with AI.

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Imagine the wheels of time going on without us with AI. I want to be part of that. What about you? This is the liebcast 

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