Talent Talks Podcast

Data, Digitisation & Driving Diversity with CPO at Kantar, Stephen Day #53

March 15, 2022 Martin Smith, Stephen Day Episode 53
Talent Talks Podcast
Data, Digitisation & Driving Diversity with CPO at Kantar, Stephen Day #53
Show Notes

“From my perspective, data is the foundational resource that we now need to use in terms of how we think about our procurement transformation.”

As apps like TikTok innovate the tools that curate content for us, it’s clear that the future of procurement is one in which we won’t settle for inadequate tools.

We’ve been seeing gradual digitisation for decades, and as the need to process data and implement automation grows, we speak to Kantar’s CPO Stephen Day about how digital tools will help us tackle industry challenges.

In this rich conversation touching on so many of the profession’s most pertinent issues, Stephen shares how to implement digitisation in a way that justifies its continued use, the skill sets sought from new procurement professionals, how data can help drive a more diverse and inclusive industry, and much more.

This episode of Talent Talks covers:

  • How Stephen build up his varied series of prior roles and experiences
  • What digitisation means and how it should be implemented with consideration for stakeholders
  • The benefits of an empowering, empathetic leadership style
  • How data can be used to improve diversity, inclusion and representation in the industry
  • The skills sought in the next generation of procurement professionals

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