Faith in Kids 4 KIDS

Ephesians #1 A Forever Family

March 24, 2020 James Cary Season 1 Episode 14
Faith in Kids 4 KIDS
Ephesians #1 A Forever Family
Show Notes

Ed and Jam are back - with a little help from their friends - looking at Ephesians Chapter 1 to find out how Jesus helps to get through some tough times together. We're not just in families in our homes (for who knows how long?). We're in the best family we could be in for ever! There are fun facts, a sketch and Amy Fights The Virus. Listen together, enjoy and be encouraged.

Sketch written and performed by Bob Hartman. Why not get his audiobook, Hanging Out with Jesus?

Song: I'm Adopted by Randall Goodgame

Reading by Anna Newcome

The episode is recorded and produced by James Cary.

Theme Music: 99 Bananas Written By Stephen Keech Performed By Fantoms
Other Music: Skittle and Lobster Written By Matthew Wigton Performed By Dresden, The Flamingo All music via Soundstripe

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