Faith in Kids 4 KIDS

Meals with Jesus #2 - Simon's Show

March 05, 2021 James Cary Season 1 Episode 45
Faith in Kids 4 KIDS
Meals with Jesus #2 - Simon's Show
Show Notes

Ed and Jam are back and holding their noses with great thankfulness. Are you thankful?  What's your favourite smell? We're talking about Meals with Jesus and something off happens with perfume. Just feel for any dogs nearby... We're in Luke 7:36-50.

Get hold of Meals with Jesus by Ed Drew here.

Reading from International Children's Bible.
Reading and sketch performed by Freya Storch and Johnny Fairclough. Sketch written by James Cary with Ed Drew.

'This is what Jesus said' by the Cannell family. For more info, contact

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Episode recorded and produced by James Cary.

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