Faith in Kids 4 KIDS

Summer Fun #5 Mercy me!

July 30, 2021 James Cary Season 1 Episode 54
Faith in Kids 4 KIDS
Summer Fun #5 Mercy me!
Show Notes

Ed and Jam are joined in the studio by Anna (Nicks) and Anna (Nukes) and we hear traumatic tales of holidays gone horribly wrong. And we think about what it means to be merciful, turning to that hero of that parable, The Good Samaritan.

Readings and sketches read and performed by Anna Nicholson, Anna Newcome, Freya Storch and Johnny Fairclough.

Sketch written and produced by James Cary. Recorded at Crown Lane Studio.

Music: Love One Another by Randall Goodgame/Slugs and Bugs

Killers Whales FX by MBARI_MARS CC BY-NC 3.0)
Music licenced from Soundstripe

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