A Lesbian Affair

#0026 - Osazeme

September 27, 2021 Jess W. Episode 26
A Lesbian Affair
#0026 - Osazeme
Show Notes

What's it like to identify as a 'dyke' and live and work in Bamako, Mali?  How do women's co-operatives work and how does resource scarcity impact local economies and peace?

Meet Osazeme who, in this episode, helps shed some light on these questions. She spends most of her time developing agricultural businesses with local women and is also a jewellery designer on the side.

There are discussions about her relationship to labels, religion,  the aftermath of break-ups and toxic relationships, as well as the concept of 'sham marriages' and what it was like to take a 'purity pledge'.

Things mentioned in this Episode:
Bamako, MaliTracy ChapmanAudre Lorde 'Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches'

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