A Lesbian Affair

#0028 - The 'Lezmas Special' with Jane Traies

December 25, 2021 Jess W. Episode 28
A Lesbian Affair
#0028 - The 'Lezmas Special' with Jane Traies
Show Notes

For this year's 'Lezmas Special', we are joined by author, academic, and oral history expert Jane Traies, who tells us about her relationship to Christmas, Christmas routines but also Christmas taboos.

She generously opens a window into her journey and work with lesbian refugee communities. There are reflections on the notions of shame and pride, citizenship, legal discrimination, what it takes to do oral history work, and the ethics of being a conduit for voices of the usually 'unheard'.

She also talks about what her work has taught her about herself, as well as what it takes to prove to the Home Office that you're an 'Expert' in all things to do with Older Lesbians.

Things mentioned in this Episode:
'Free To Be Me' ; Lesbian Immigration Support Group; 'Liberty' by Jay Taverner; 'Now You See Me'Jackie Forster; Charlotte Charke; Ann Lister

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