Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

#64: Jamil Khan, President & Amanda Cole, Co-Founder and CEO of Sayurbox

May 04, 2022 Alcott Global Season 1 Episode 62
Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce
#64: Jamil Khan, President & Amanda Cole, Co-Founder and CEO of Sayurbox
Show Notes

About Jamil Khan:
Jamil Khan is the President of Sayurbox. Jamil is an International Logistics Leader, bringing almost 30 years of Operational & Supply Chain experience, having lived in 6 and worked in 11 countries across Europe & Asia. He is an experienced senior leader, with a great career as EVP of Logistics at Lazada, and VP of Operations of Redmart, Jamil has also worked in Tesco, METRO Group and Dairy Farm International, in a variety of roles and locations.

He is the driver of a culture that is Customer centric and focussed on quality. Jamil believes in finding talent, building capability through coaching and training to create extraordinary teams at all levels. Jamil has built operational capacity and resilience and has scaled massively in a cost effective way.

About Amanda Cole:
Amanda Susanti Cole is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sayurbox.

Amanda has spent most of her career in agriculture and distribution. Graduating from Manchester university, she headed the supply chain and operations of her family’s distribution company before finding her passion in agriculture. She started and built a farm as well as closely working with farmers to supply high end restaurant. Seeing the inefficiencies in the fresh produce supply chain, she co-founded Sayurbox as a means to distribute fresh produce directly from farmers to end consumers.

Discover more details here.

Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Sayurbox origin story
  • How Sayurbox is building relationships with the farmers
  • Upsides and challenges that Sayurbox faced in times of disruption
  • Sayurbox future plans in the next 5 to 10 years
  • Managing sustainability and some initiatives
  • Culture and skills needed within the organization

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