Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

#63: Lalit Das, Founder & CEO of 3SC

May 02, 2022 Alcott Global Season 1 Episode 63
Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce
#63: Lalit Das, Founder & CEO of 3SC
Show Notes

Lalit Das is a Founder and CEO of SS Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd (3SC).  He worked in the various segments of the Supply Chain Domain and Manufacturing & Services Sector in Supply Chain Functions.

He founded 3SC in 2012, the firm holds strong expertise in Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive analytics combined with collaborative and consultative approach.  3SC orchestrates organizations to streamline the entire supply chain and create value for customers in order to gain competitive advantage.

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Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • Lalit’s career journey and how 3SC started
  • Forecast accuracy and using machine learning and neural network algorithms
  • Different products by 3SC and product integration lead time
  • How 3SC is helping their clients in terms of sustainability
  • Demand planning and challenges in data forecasting

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