Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

Jim Bureau CEO of JAGGAER

August 15, 2020 Alcott Global Episode 38
Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce
Jim Bureau CEO of JAGGAER
Show Notes

As CEO of JAGGAER, Jim Bureau is responsible for the company’s overall vision to transcend customer experience by providing intuitive and intelligent spend management solutions that allow JAGGAER clients to transform their supply chain. Jim brings over 25 years of leadership experience, with his most recent role as Executive Vice President, leading JAGGAER’s Global Sales & Marketing initiatives. He came to JAGGAER from Verint Systems/ KANA Software where he was Senior Vice President and played a key role in successfully growing the company as it was acquired by Verint Systems for $514 million. 

JAGGAER is the world’s largest independent spend management company. Founded in 1995 by Scott Andrews in his basement, the Morrisville-based company has pioneered spend solutions for over two decades and holds 37 patents to date – more than any other company in its space. Today, over 2,000 customers and 4 million suppliers across 70 countries put their trust in JAGGAER to transform procurement, financial, and supply chain operations. JAGGAER celebrates 25 years of business this year, making it the longest-standing independent procurement technology provider. Built on core values such as passion, integrity, and accountability, JAGGAER continues to lead the innovation curve by actively listening to the needs of stakeholders across all industry sectors, public services, and academia and delivering intuitive and intelligent spend management solutions that add bottom-line value. JAGGAER has over 1,000 employees in offices across the Americas, APAC, Asia, and EMEA. 

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Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • [09:35] Why not just drag and drop the event in outlook and have that ripple through your procurement system? – Making the UI as simple as possible.
  • [12:46] How much cash do you have on hand as an organization? The first question for the Board of Directors when in crisis.
  • [19:41] Agile Procurement – Focus on strategic initiatives as opposed to managing the mundane operations
  • [20:27] Working with Hitachi – offering a global platform to harmonize their processes across all business units
  • [27:45] Hiring 160 people since January – why business is expanding for JAGGAER.
  • [30:37] The role of the CEO – get his 1200 people to embrace passion, humility, empathy, accountability, and transparency

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