Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

#52: Karen Leavitt CMO of Locus Robotics

April 19, 2021 Alcott Global Season 1 Episode 52
Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce
#52: Karen Leavitt CMO of Locus Robotics
Show Notes

In her role as CMO of Locus Robotics, Karen brings over twenty years of experience developing innovative, creative, and effective marketing programs for a wide range of technology companies, from start‐ups to Fortune 1000 public companies. Karen’s outstanding analytical and technical abilities deliver insight and innovative programs that consistently deliver positive marketing ROI. She also serves as Locus’s dynamic and articulate corporate spokesperson before the press, analysts, customers, partners, and investors.

Locus Robotics' revolutionary, the multi-bot solution incorporates powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robots that operate collaboratively with human workers to dramatically improve piece-handling productivity 2 – 3x, with less labor compared to traditional piece handling systems. This award-winning solution helps retailers, 3PLs, and specialty warehouses efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding requirements of fulfillment environments, easily integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows, instantly transforming productivity without transforming the warehouse. For more information, visit www.locusrobotics.com.

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Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • [05:00] How Locus Robotics robots increase productivity
  • [12:50] Scaling up – After the initial deployment, any robot that’s added will just automatically join the rest of the robot team.
  • [15:45] Driving down employee walking time by about 80%.
  • [24:29] The immediate need for the robots is to handle a high volume, the ultimate gift is the business intelligence from the data.
  • [32:50] “If you like our robots, you’ll love our humans.”
  • [38:30] Advice for a successful career

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