Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

#53: Alok Bhanot EVP & CTO of Cloudleaf

April 26, 2021 Alcott Global Season 1 Episode 53
Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce
#53: Alok Bhanot EVP & CTO of Cloudleaf
Show Notes

Alok Bhanot is a seasoned technology and business leader with a stellar career leading large and startup teams across a spectrum of companies like eBay, PayPal, Verifone, Visa, and startups like Inkiru and Qopper. He has built highly scalable platforms, systems, and services for e-commerce, risk modeling, payment transactions, real-time predictive analytics, and IoT-based operations systems.

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Some of the highlights of the episode:

  • [11:00] What makes Cloudleaf different – defining solutions for an entire ecosystem.
  • [14:59] Working with Csafe and Cold Chain Technologies to have continuous visibility over their operations.
  • [17:19] Improving the customer’s experience – why is it a priority?
  • [18:46] Working with 400 different APIs – grouping them for specific workflows.
  • [20:41] Cloudleaf’s plans for the future – going even deeper – the digital twin modeling.
  • [24:54] Healthy expectations for artificial intelligence.
  • [29:42] Talent, hiring, and building a successful career.

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