Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily

#207- Alan Dunstan & Lewis Keens: What We Can Learn From Fear

May 27, 2022 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
#207- Alan Dunstan & Lewis Keens: What We Can Learn From Fear
Show Notes

Alan Dunstan and Lewis Keens join me on the show for a discussion about the role that fear plays in our lives in regards to our growth and learning. 

As Alan and Lewis co-host their own podcast called Infinite Leaders, we decided that we would release our conversation on both of our podcasts. 

Both Lewis and Alan have leadership roles in education and have a combined 33 years of experience between them. They are passionate about leadership development and have devoted themselves to not only learning as much as they can about what great leaders do, they regularly share this knowledge on their Infinite Leaders podcast which now has more than 60 episodes. 

Great story here…..Alan was Lewis’s physical education teaching in high school many years back. After graduating from high school, Lewis and Alan developed a deep friendship which led to them working together for many years in Asia at a top international school. 

We decided to connect and do this podcast as we have many similar values and beliefs when it comes to leadership development. In our conversation today, we unpack what fear is and why it is so important in our life. 

We not only look at it from an evolutionary perspective, but also strategies to grapple with fear when faced with uncertainty, challenge, and hardship. Alan and Lewis bring a load of experience and knowledge into this conversation today. 

It was a pleasure to connect with them and I look forward to further collaboration.

About Alan Dunstan and Lewis Keens

Alan Dunstan
Alan is an accomplished, values-driven educator with over 20 years’ experience in a number of schools across the world. 

He takes great pride in building successful departments and coaching teams while promoting physical literacy to all students. 

Alan is an avid reader and an advocate of research-based practice. He values good old fashioned 'graft', humility and working in a happy, safe environment.

Alan leads the PE team and is a member of the Primary Leadership team at the Diplomatic Quarter Campus of British International School, Riyadh. He is currently working towards a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.

Lewis Keens
Lewis is a committed learner with over 13 years’ teaching experience in England and British International schools in Southeast Asia. Lewis leads hard-working teams with a focus on shared values, professional behaviours and a clear vision. He admires humility, honesty and kindness in others.

Lewis is the current Chair of The Federation of British Schools In Asia (FOBISIA) PE & Sport Executive Committee, working to support the development of PE and Sport across over eighty member schools in the region. 

Lewis is the Director of Sport and a member of the Senior Leadership Team at The Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur. He is currently working on finding out more about his own roots by researching his family tree.

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