Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily

# 158 - A Dive Into Self-Determination Theory with Dr. Richard Ryan

October 03, 2020 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
# 158 - A Dive Into Self-Determination Theory with Dr. Richard Ryan
Show Notes

In this episode, I feel very grateful to have had a conversation with Dr. Richard Ryan, the co-developer of the Self-Determination Theory. Dr. Ryan's work has been instrumental in the field of human motivation over the last 4 decades. He has won 3 lifetime achievement awards in the profession and has dedicated himself to better understanding the conditions necessary for all humans to flourish. His team's work has been accessed and applied by many researchers/writers around the world, including Daniel Pink, best-selling author of-Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us. It was a genuine honor to speak with Dr. Ryan in this episode and to share his amazing work.

Dr. Ryan's Bio:
Richard M. Ryan is an influential University of Rochester Professor Emeritus of Psychology. He is a clinical psychologist and co-developer of Self-Determination Theory, an internationally recognized leading theory of human motivation. He lectures frequently in the United States and aboard on the factors that promote motivation and healthy psychological and behavioral functioning (applied to such areas as work and organizations, education, health, sport and exercise, video games and virtual environments). Ryan is among the most cited researchers in psychology and social sciences today and the author of over 400 papers and books in the areas of human motivation and well-being, including his best-selling book, Self-determination theory: Basic psychological needs in motivation, development and wellness (Ryan & Deci, 2017). Reflective of Ryan's influence internationally and across disciplines, he has been recognized as one of the eminent psychologists of the modern era[1],[2] and listed among the Top 20 most influential industrial-organizational psychologists[3]. He has also been honored with three lifetime achievement awards for his work on motivation, personal meaning, and self and identity.

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