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# 166 - Non-Violent Communication With Morris Ervin Jr

January 01, 2021 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
# 166 - Non-Violent Communication With Morris Ervin Jr
Show Notes

In today’s episode, I bring Morris Ervin Jr back on my show for a second time. In our first episode together, Morris shared his inspiring story —a journey of self-discovery, passion, and overcoming many obstacles in his life to be able to do the amazing work he now does. Morris is a talented speaker, mentor, healer, and deeply committed educator. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to my first episode with Morris, I highly encourage you to have a listen as it will help to better frame up our discussion today. You can find a link to the first episode in the show notes of today’s podcast. 

I asked Morris to come back on the show to share his knowledge and insight related to Non-Violent Communication. Non-Violent Communication is a unique and powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action. It provides a framework and set of skills to address a wide range of concerns, from the most intimate relationships to global political conflicts. The purpose of NVC is to help all involved to sharpen their awareness of language so that they can express what really matters to them and also hear what really matters to others. It involves empathic communication whereby we can attune ourselves to both our own and other people’s real needs.

Morris has years of experience training in Non-Violent Communication and regularly applies it in his own life…. both personally and professionally. I asked Morris to share his experiences using non-violent communication to give us a glimpse into how it works and ways that it can be applied in our lives in difficult situations. 

Evidence shows that ‘being judgmental’ is the root cause of the majority of conflicts that occur in life. We’ve all been in a place where we have not only judged others but have been judged by others. NVC is about removing ‘judgement’ and genuinely tapping into our own authentic needs and the needs of others, especially when deep conflict occurs. The founder of NVC Marshall Rosenberg stated many years ago that NVC is really the LANGUAGE of LIFE and that the framework can make such a huge difference to peacefully resolving conflicts and issues that arise between people. 

About Morris:
Morris H Ervin, Jr. is an educator, entertainer, motivational speaker, and Youth Development Professional committed to helping the youth, families, communities, and institutions “turn fear into strength, and pain into passion.” Morris is the founder of Mansa Consulting and he has provided assemblies, workshops, mentoring programs, and leadership camps/retreats to 1,000s of students in over a dozen school districts across the country.

Morris believes that the ultimate measure of a man is seen through the eyes of his family. He has a beautiful wife, two teenage children, and two dogs. His ultimate, inspiration, motivation, and drive are fueled by his family’s love and unconditional support.

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