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#178 - Inspired to Inquire With Trevor Mackenzie

May 03, 2021 Andy Vasily
Run Your Life Show With Andy Vasily
#178 - Inspired to Inquire With Trevor Mackenzie
Show Notes

In this episode, Trevor and I take a look back at early days in his life, the type of learner he was and what it was he most needed from his teachers to thrive in his own unique ways.  We unpack his journey through school and pathway into education as a career. Trevor firmly believes all students can flourish given the right conditions, provided autonomy and inquiry are at the heart and core of teaching and learning. In our conversation, you will gain valuable insight into inquiry-based learning practices that have a proven impact on student performance regardless of discipline.

Trevor gives us a glimpse into his first two books, A Dive Into Inquiry written in 2016 and his second book An Inquiry Mindset written in 2018. We dive deeply into his latest book Inquiry Mindset Assessment Edition which is being released on May 15, 2021. The process of writing he went through putting this book together was a rewarding but difficult endeavor as it took a lot of time and energy, but was well worth the effort. Hope you find meaning and purpose in this episode and ideas/strategies that are applicable to the work you do in education. Thanks for listening.

About Trevor
Trevor MacKenzie is an experienced teacher, author, keynote speaker and inquiry consultant who has worked in schools throughout Australia, Asia, North America, South Africa and Europe. Trevor’s passion is  supporting schools in implementing inquiry-based learning practices. He is a highly regarded speaker known for his heartfelt storytelling, kind demeanor, and student-first philosophy.  

Trevor’s graduate research focused on identifying and removing the barriers to implementing inquiry-based learning in the K-12  setting. He is an inquiry practitioner currently as a teacher with the Greater Victoria School District in Victoria, Canada. He has two publications: Dive into Inquiry and Inquiry Mindset, both published by Elevate Books Edu. He has vast experience supporting schools across several years in implementation strategies in public schools, international schools, and International Baccalaureate programs (PYP/MYP/DP).

As a classroom teacher in Victoria, BC, Canada, Trevor uses technology to enhance his teaching as he leverages blended learning, inquiry-based learning, iPad Ed, and student blogging as a means to reflect on learning.  He strives to make learning public and meaningful and support innovation and connection amongst educators.

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