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[039] Professional Image in the Workplace. Why Is It Important?

November 09, 2020 Kara Ronin Season 1 Episode 39
The Leadership Pod
[039] Professional Image in the Workplace. Why Is It Important?
Show Notes

Why is your professional image important in the workplace? Why should people care what you wear to work? Your professional image and your appearance play an important role in your leadership brand and reputation. They send a message to your coworkers, boss and clients and also impact how you feel about yourself.

As you advance into leadership, it’s important you understand the image you’re putting across through your outfit. Certain outfits can help you convey credibility and authority. Others may not. Does your image help you look like leadership material, or not?

In this episode of The Leadership Pod, I delve into your professional image in the workplace and why it’s important. 

I talk about:

  • First impressions and the impact of your professional image.
  • The Halo Effect and how this impacts how others see you.
  • Professional image and level of credibility.
  • Authority and your professional image.
  • Professional image and your inner feeling of confidence.

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