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Build a Stand-Out Leadership Presence in 2022!

January 01, 2022 Kara Ronin Season 2 Episode 71
The Leadership Pod
Build a Stand-Out Leadership Presence in 2022!
Show Notes

How can you build your leadership presence? How can you stand out in the workplace as somebody with leadership potential? Leadership presence or executive presence is a quality that helps others to see you as a leader. As somebody who has great potential to become a leader and be very successful in that role.

You might know people you work with who have charisma or the “it factor”. These are people with leadership presence. And it’s this “presence” that allows them to have so much impact in their career.

If you want to have the maximum amount of impact in your career, then you need to develop leadership presence. But since it’s such an illusive quality, how can you actually build it? How can you create leadership presence? That’s exactly what we delve into in this episode.

I talk about:

  • What is leadership presence.
  • The importance of developing self-confidence.
  • Get clear on the value you bring.
  • Use confident body language.
  • Communicate with confidence.
  • Create a signature leadership outfit.

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