Demography Unplugged with Neil Howe

Vaccines, Republican Women, and New Asia Trade Deal

November 18, 2020 Neil Howe
Demography Unplugged with Neil Howe
Vaccines, Republican Women, and New Asia Trade Deal
Show Notes

In this latest issue of my weekly podcast, we discuss the race for a vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna announced that preliminary data show that their vaccines are over 90% effective. Yet despite the good news, there are still some major hurdles for these vaccines. 1. They have to be stored at sub-zero temperatures. 2. There is deep public distrust in their safety. 3. There hasn't been time to study their long-term effects (ADE, cross-reactivity, immunity duration, etc.).

Is political polling dead? Pre-election day polls showed Democrats rolling easily into the White House, regaining the Senate, and expanding their majority in the House. While pollsters had the popular vote for the presidency within the margin of error, they failed to predict Senate and House outcomes. They seem to have missed the "shy" Republican voter, who split their ticket.

Republican women expand their numbers. At least 15 new Republican women were elected to Congress this year, a new record for the party. With all the Republican female incumbents holding their seats so far, GOP women are set to more than double their ranks in the House. 

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of retired Boomers increased by 3.2 million. Until now, the annual average for this figure has been 2 million. Probable culprit: the pandemic, which is persuading many lower-earning Boomers to call it quits. 

15 Asian countries sign a new trade deal. Last Sunday, 15 nations signed the RECP, which streamlines country of origin laws. It is the first trade agreement between China, South Korea, and Japan. Noticeably, India is not in the deal. Prime Minister Modi claimed India would be flooded with "cheap" Chinese goods if they took part.

Hungary and Poland stall EU budget and recovery bill. On Monday, diplomats from Hungary and Poland announced they would veto the long awaited-recovery bill. Their objection stems from a "values" clause which ties grants to having free and democratic institutions. 

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