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Employee Ownership Trusts – Thames Valley Roadshow Prelude

April 28, 2023 Clarkslegal
Clarkslegal Law Bites
Employee Ownership Trusts – Thames Valley Roadshow Prelude
Show Notes

Employee ownership is growing quickly as an option for business owners to sell their business. Employee Ownership provides a way to preserve the long-term ethos, values, and culture of the business.

This podcast is a prelude to the Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) Roadshow, which Clarkslegal LLP is hosting at Thames Tower in Reading on 17 May in collaboration with K3 Tax Advisory, Quantuma, Shawbrook Bank and J Gadd Associates.  At this event, we'll offer an interactive workshop on all aspects of transitioning to employee ownership, including legal, valuation, funding, tax and transition management. 

In this podcast, our EOT experts will answer frequently asked questions by business owners considering employee ownership as a route to exit:

  • What  is the most common question asked by a potential seller when considering an EOT as an exit for their business?
  •  The tax rules can be complicated – what is the best way to prepare for clearance?
  • What is the appetite for funding EOT’s as they grow in popularity?
  • What would you say is the most important element to consider for any business seller in preparing for employee ownership transition?

Event Details : Employee Ownership Trusts – Thames Valley Roadshow

Date: Wednesday 17th May
 Time: 9:00am and 11:30am
 Location: Roost, Thames Tower, Station Road, Reading, RG1 1LX

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  • Adrian Howells, Director of Corporate Finance, Quantuma, an experienced M&A practitioner enabling owners of SME businesses exit and realise value.
  • Holly Bedford, Managing Director, K3 Tax Advisory, a specialist tax adviser focusing on SME business sales and EOTs.
  • Jeremy Gadd, Founder and Managing Director of J Gadd Associates and an independent EOT Director. 40 years experience of the Employee Ownership, here to share valuable insights into designing an effective ownership transition; avoiding expensive pitfalls.
  • Steven Munt, Senior Director, Shawbrook Bank, a specialist lender to SME’s, providing expert guidance on funding options to support the transition to EO, and beyond.
  • Stuart Mullins, Partner, at Clarkslegal LLP sharing his key insights on the legal considerations when transitioning your business into employee ownership.

If you have any questions about Employee Ownership Trusts, or need some advice, please contact Stuart Mullins .