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Guntherwerks & Singer: inside the world of custom 911 backdates and updates

May 10, 2020 Andy Brookes, Lee Sibley, Joe Williams, Damon Jones Season 1 Episode 12
9WERKS Radio : The Porsche and Car Podcast
Guntherwerks & Singer: inside the world of custom 911 backdates and updates
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Damon Jones chats to the boys about his automotive career from MG Rover in the UK to California’s Guntherwerks, via Aston Martin, McLaren and Singer Vehicle Design. Damon reveals what it’s like working in the world of top-end 911 backdates & updates, and exclusively reveals the new Guntherwerks Remastered programme.

You can find out more about Damon at @damon_jones and Guntherwerks at @guntherwerks and www.guntherwerks.com

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spk_1:   0:20
Welcome back to Red to Red line. Lee, You with May.

spk_2:   0:23
I am indeed a la Jake.

spk_1:   0:26
How you doing today? Very

spk_2:   0:27
well yourself. We've got recall chat lined up today every way

spk_1:   0:30
we do. Indeed. We are gonna have a little chat with somebody from the comfort works. Have you Have you come across that much in your in your professional history?

spk_2:   0:41
Yes. For the last couple of years, Gunter works have arrived on the scene. Really? We feature their solar red car in total in 11 magazine. I think it was the end of 2018 now, but yet similar in concept to sing a vehicle design. But, of course, on a different platform. So the chap that we're going to get on is going to explain that in more detail. And this was this was your doing, wasn't it? J really? So why did you decide her to get Damon on? I thought,

spk_1:   1:08
Well, I just thought, you know, from a social media following after they've got some pretty, pretty crazy bits of kit. And, you know, everyone's first port of call is singer these days, and actually seeing something on different platform I thought might just be a little bit little bit different, a little bit interesting. And I was, as it turns out, yeah. Damon, who were going to talk to today, is actually come from singer and smother prestige brands before that. So it has got some serious pedigree in the industry. So I thought would be a great person. Gives a bit of a bit of an insight. Really?

spk_2:   1:36
Yeah, he's living. The dream isn't he's a Brit abroad on DH. He's got an absolute trail of success everywhere. He's being in the automotive world. So its's gonna be a cracking storey. Should we bring him on

spk_1:   1:48
David. Welcome, Teo Ray to Redline. Thank you being here. Hi. Thanks for having us. Excellent. So just just give our listeners a little of a very short brief background. So you came from a very engineering background MG Rover through Ask Dermot in touch with McClaren and then dived across the water into singer on DH. Now you are Gunther works obviously creating some pretty crazy cars. Eso What's, um what's that? Took you from one extreme to the other.

spk_3:   2:19
I mean, so my family is ah, engineering based family and I have to wait too long. Once upon a time on DA kind of I kind of started to feel like a Wednesday. It's university start, you know, studying law and then hanging around cars. It's my dad's fault this and I kind of started working. MG Rover. As you said on where my dad was working on DH, obviously mass production. The track was moving every 20 seconds on Guy was there 56 years. And obviously we all know what happened to endure over obviously went to liquidation. And luckily, I had a really nice position presented as to Martin, which is you imagine in your early twenties to be given a job. Working for Aston Martin was a

spk_1:   3:01
dream job surely, Yeah.

spk_3:   3:03
Dream start really on DH, then moving forwards pretty quickly. I kind of six years after that. I moved when I joined us. Then when when it was the advantage of just loaded onto the line and I was there pretty much time to start. Yeah, it was really fun in the d. B nine was already there that moved across to two gated and then I started on the VT eight line. And, you know, there was one car. That was what were one shell on the line. And it was all about No, I didn't really know a lot in those days. I was young and I stayed there six years, I said, And I moved to McClaren there on DH. Not the little Aston Martin McCarron due. But I re jokingly say, you know, it's kind of a bit like a Lego kit, really? When she get going because that the cars are Yeah, that's a new chassis of the star. You have new parts in your building a car as long as you write the process correctly and the build sequence, you know, it goes together pretty well on DH. Then I always have this passion for older cars and classic cars, and so I kind of worked in new cars by, like, the old cars on DH. I was presented with the opportunity to enter to join single vehicle design. Andi, obviously a dream. I mean, I drew I'm going to tell your Storey actually about when I was four years old, I wrote a poet about 9 11 Turbo and the request from the teacher Wass. Can everybody write a poem on if money was no object. What would you buy? And you know, people have right in private jets and islands in the middle of the nowhere on their own. And I was like, Hey, I want a 9 11 terror a black one. And I think it was a knife. It would be e kind of try to calculate what I would have Bean. I think it was a 9 30 turbo in those days and I drew it. And I realise, Po, my mom still write the poem actually on DH, you know, so many years later, 30 Egypt for even more I went to my age, but the kind of join Los Angeles where was the singer I liked? You bought a 9 11 which was actually a 991 and it was black. So it wasn't a 9 30 turbo, but I managed to kind of, you know, 36 37 years later managed Teo get what I wanted and then somebody pretty quickly to be fair on DH. But I joined Singer and I really started to get in, you know, is now working for a company was building cars based on late eighties early nineties on, but it was a very different game. You know, we've gone from this low jokes about the Lego kit, and now we're restoring a car which was nearly 30 years old. Andi is a very different game on Did it was it was very hard work, but very rewarding as well on DH since then. Now you know, a flip from mass production to be spoke volumes Aston and McClaren. Much smaller but very bespoke builds and now working on something completely different. And now I enjoy this more than anything.

spk_1:   5:51
That's amazing. Quick store quick stop tour of that. Is it possible to go backto MG Rover? And that's something. What sort of car were being made at that time when you were there?

spk_3:   6:02
So when I when I joined me and imagine I was an early twenties kind of guy, the mgs of just about starting So so you know, we're not talking like they're all road before hundreds Now, it was like, you know, all the bright colour that it was the trophy blues and the yellow on them g t f. It was all that kind of era. So I really enjoyed and 40 for May. I actually ordered. Is there this one? 80 is a company car, and they closed down before I made to take delivery of it, so yeah, but getting much different, you know? Yeah, You're very, very inexperienced in those days. And it was such a great experience. I mean, I know you must have visited, but MG in its heyday, it was such a fun place to work with so many people there. And, you know, I really enjoyed that. I owe a lot today for MG Rover because, you know, if you think of where everybody is now, everybody kind of moved on and did pretty well, I think from my world anyway.

spk_1:   6:58
Yeah. So were the people that you knew and respected there. They've all moved on to other companies. And yeah, and we made it. Yes. So it's also he asked me. It's funny when people's powers crosses. Now, we touched on it by email about the total 9 11 awards ceremony. In the chances of that, I mean I mean, that was Lee. You probably know how it was it 67 years ago Now, when when was that? You remember

spk_2:   7:22
it was 25th Dean was here. Hexagon and

spk_3:   7:25
Mexican. Yeah, that's it. I mean, I think it was funny enough I was sent to you in the mail. The my profile picture on Instagram, I think for about three or four years was actually the photo taken in there. We might tuxedo on. Funny that our paths crossed five years later. Again,

spk_2:   7:41
It's an age. The chef. It's a small world, isn't it? Like this portal thing that were involved in for sure Say's Yeah. How did you end

spk_1:   7:49
up with the awards? If that was because that would been pre singer, I'm guessing.

spk_3:   7:52
Yeah, I was she I mean, so my friend, who is actually he lived in los I news at the time, and he was actually in London. Obviously, at this point, I hadn't moved to us under these at that point. So move the year after and he was like him in town. Thiss event on a hexagon total 9 11 awards was like, Great. He's like, bring it, bring it succeed. I think he because he was in in London, he ever see his tuxedo wasn't in London. I think I remember him telling it with like you know, not a tuxedo. Kind ofthing. It's high and leather jacket or something. I think you wass. Yeah, it was It was a great night that was so enjoyed it

spk_2:   8:26
cos five years ago There. That's the scary thing. Yes. Yeah, get your you touched on them. And they're the kind of porcelain from from yourself his child then. But, like, as you've kind of grown up, I assume then that kind of admiration for stood guard sports cars is always kind of stayed in your mind. Like even even though you've been a pastor, Martin and then McCloud.

spk_3:   8:48
Yeah. I mean, the thing for me was I mean, going back to when? The days when I was writing that poem when I was four or five years old. Remember my English teacher, the 944 Turbo, a brand new one. And it was guards. Reckon she should drive in every morning. And you imagine being a kid that age, seeing that car every day. And it kind of was the only car in that car park I looked at and then working fruit for Miami big portion enthusiasts and relatively reasonably well known in the Porsche. Well, these days, probably because of Singer and Gunther works primarily, but it's kind of, you know, we've all got our favourite kind of brands, But but the thing with a CZ guys, we Porsche's. I always say that there's a car in there for everybody. You know. Not everybody can afford a very GT, but there's something for everybody. Andi just happens in England all the time when I was there, but driving through L. A. The amount of people with a porch that drive past your wave at you. I just love that that Portia collective that, Yeah, it doesn't matter how wealthy you are, who you are. It kind of really rule on the same team is great.

spk_2:   9:49
It's a cool place to be if

spk_3:   9:51
you're a portion fan, that's for sure. It is. Yeah. It was a real shame that obviously left a corker not cancelled, but delayed till November. And I was gonna ask you guys if you were going out to Lou,

spk_1:   10:00
I'm booked. We're

spk_3:   10:01
hoping to a few cars. There are really excellent

spk_2:   10:04
day, Molly, if you can, because they moved to the U. S. I mean, that's huge and toe work for single vehicle designer. Any stage in one's career is is awesome. Then you can adjust it a little bit of light on how that came around and also kind of what is it like Working Singer? Because it's kind of difficult to get a foot in the door. Really is as, ah, member of the wider public as to what goes on over there. Yes,

spk_3:   10:29
yes, it was. It's interesting, Storey. I've told this storey a few times and it is quite friend Storey it too. So I was working as you know it McClaren at the time and I'd spent a quiet life time in Austin. You know, I think I was there like, three or four times in 2015 and I really had quite a lot of English friends living in Los Angeles. As you know, when you've been yourself, it's a really great place to bay on DH. I tried to kind of, ah, almost design where destiny is in find a company with my experience in in America who I could work for, whereby I could name it is difficult to even get to America with the visa system on DH. I happen to be around the swimming pool in Beverly Hills with the person that I actually visited Hexagon for the award ceremony with, and I was like Maybe I could get a job at Tessler on back in those days. This is a really, really embarrassing Storey to tell now. But I was like Tesla. Maybe I could live in Los Angeles and just drive to test her every day. And he was like, Damon test is in Sanford. Yeah, it'll be like a 10 hour commute every day. I was like, Okay, that wouldn't work on DH had conversations of testing at the time he made in 2015 there where they were there. And I was like, Well, that's not gonna work So I kind of fighting. Where could I go? And he said, Why don't you get a job? The singer vehicle design and, weirdly currently years now. But before this this conversation I'd spent some time on the on the lawn at Goodwood, the festival speed on. I'd sat in their Montreal commission. If you remember that one, which was the grey one with the brown interior on DH, kind of like Waxler record about the car like you know, loved it, you know, licking the windows and all sorts on. Then on, they ended up at this. This's studio down the road from from in London. Andi, I kind of It was almost like the UK launch of the singer. And I kind of sat in the car, actually got to physically sitting at this point, and it was great and kind of left that right with a master appreciation for the brand and whether with Chris Harris was there, except it was it was a great event and then kind of kind of like left into it. And then obviously taking me, I'm moving forward to the time I was around the swimming pool. He said, Why don't you work for seeing a vehicle design? And I kind of cast my mind back to those two experiences and I was like, there in Los Angeles are all English up. May I thought the brand was English and he said, no, that they're deep in the valley in Los Angeles. You need to send him a message. So I jumped on my phone and sent an email to the You know, the contact team on their website and got an immediate response from one of my future colleagues who is the engineering manager at the time. And he said, Can you come in on Monday? So now is the right place? Yeah, and I was like, No, I no, I can't I'm flying like this evening back to England, unfortunately, and then I kind of naughty Storey. But I kind of I told everyone at McCarran I was going back to L. A for a weighty actually kind of offered my services for a week, um, at single vehicle design where I literally wanted to just know only visit because they said most people don't get to visit, But just to understand it, see how I could help and whether I was the right fit. And you know, the right personality of that kind of kind of organisation because, as you said before, this's a restoration and very different to what I was used to for the that how I pitched it to them was that this company was doing great things. But they needed to have layers, um, process in whereby they could grow volume, and these things take a long time to build and usually no restoration restoring old parts here and its customer. These customers, they're used to walk into Porsche finding 9 18 and it coming popular for the underlying, you know, six months, whatever these cars with a quote. I mean, when I join that in the quote was three year waiting list and that's a long time to away. I mean, by the time I got within the three years, I want to change my spec. So my my plan was to get in there layer in process, organised the place, increased quality, of course, but at the same time do it in a way where it didn't lose its spirit and its personality. So when I worked on McClaren, I kind of I love the place and look how organised it wass. But I didn't like how sterile it fell. So a lot of people joking say it's like going to a hospital, but it really is and you know it looks clean and you work in a clean place is a nice place to bay, but at the same time you need a personality. So I was very pushy it singer to agree with the fact that I like the people turning up with their dreadlocks, tattoos out, wearing what they wrote, wearing the personalities, kind of as their clothes rather hear We had T shirts, but I like people coming into the unique. And I think that's what gave its vibe. And I remember when Top Gear came in to do it shoot and they call Most complained. I've been there, like six months at a time. He always complained like the leaves have gone in the half drank Coke cans were on the floor anymore and a kind of life, you know, I started tied the place up and, you know, hopefully there were there were pleased with how I moved them forwards a little bit more.

spk_1:   15:27
How many? How many people are on the floor? It seeing a roughly tip a car together? I'm

spk_3:   15:32
not sure now, but the team at the time was kind of 20 people. I'd say

spk_1:   15:36
it's almost family size. Since everybody knows everybody, it's a

spk_3:   15:39
Oh, yeah, God, yeah, that was different. McClaren, where you never really got to me. Everybody, like, you know, you always see somewhat past and what they doing with that. You know everyone you know, their names. They knew what their wives, names of their husbands names where and yeah, it was very family, like very, very, almost, like cottage industry. But I enjoyed the

spk_1:   15:57
in this nice place today. So we're going to your personal Garrett JJ his thoughts about the 991 earlier on. I remember you had a GT four. Yeah. You know what else is in the carriage at the moment? I mean

spk_3:   16:14
I mean, it's just for those, I mean, for me the I mean, I'm very, very passionate about that GT for like I bought it. Obviously, we all want to be in a 9 11 and I brought the GT for I drove one of them and I was like, Oh, God, this is a great car And the thing I o n you guys have driven one. The thing I really liked about the 981 GT forwards from an ergonomic perspective, it really felt like a nice place to be inside that car on DH. I always called it the driver's car because it felt like, you know you're in charge, you make a mistake. It's kind of your mistake, but it was quite forgiving of a car and someone went told me the GT full really grow you up is a driver because it wasn't too fast that you would make a really bad mistake and it wasn't too slow that you would not enjoy it. And so you know and you've seen the roads here. The canyons like that car performed so well in the canyons here on Don't know, you know, the noise and the everything about the car. And I spent a lot of time doing things to my own cars and in a kind of like a in a way that didn't lose the look of the car and then every song you ever saw my GT for Andi Mountain here I have seen it on instagram, but it was always kind of considered like the best looking duty for on the road, which is I was really, really humbled to hear. But I spent a lot of time making it handle correctly, look good on Guy was reluctant to sell it. But at the time, you know, good friends and Portia and they were telling me that the 7 18 GT four was coming. There was even a rumour of a GT for Rx in the futures, you know? And I was like, Right, maybe it's time to get out of this car now on DH. It's not. Isn't this too many of them out there for it to be really collectible? And I was like, If I get out now, I'm not losing you money and, you know, cars. You're very lucky if you make money on cars, you know, And I didn't lose any money on this car, actually made my name, and I actually sold everything that I've done to it. You know, a lot of PTSD is everything else. So

spk_1:   18:16
he got out of my car.

spk_3:   18:17
Yeah, they looked already. Many 80 eight's a fantastic wheel and I got got out at the right time. I put the money in the bank on DH Now. I mean, I talked to you on the when I spoke before about what I try to look for now. And the really said got into this classic world now where I really want to do workmanlike. Nearly brought in 11 SC recently, it shifting white. The deal never happened, and it was a clean car with enough work in there for me to get my hands dirty at the weekend. But then I spent some time at right Emery's open house recently, and I spoke to his on Dat long, had his 11 t OBY gene one there and the pictures of her on my instagram if you have a look. But I really, really like the look of those air, the 9 11 teen. And now it's a case of which one's going toe, you know, present itself first. Yeah, that kind of feels that the next project and and I still got I'm still good friends. McClaren I still get to go fast. They still get to borrow, you know, fast cars 7 20 yeses, etcetera in the non fire on DH on de. So I get to go fast. I get to enjoy that and then I like the I like the classic stuff now.

spk_1:   19:30
Yeah, e I think we sort of try and portray or try and push this sort of the older stuff. That's more the sort of 2 to 300 horsepower. Yes, you know, it's more than enough to have fun on the public road. You think that we need much more than the U. E.

spk_3:   19:47
Agree. I mean, that's why I like the GT for like, I mean, don't get me wrong. It was no slouch is a quick car. But when I say I almost don't get the enjoyment out of newer cars anymore, it feels like they're driving you now. Yeah, and don't you agree with that?

spk_1:   20:01
I think Kim, I definitely agree with that. I came out of a GT for three years ago, now on DH. Actually spent a lot more time drive. My little 67 9 12 light on dry days and through the summer is a daily and actually smiles factor. It's Yeah, I thinkit's miles apart, like said. Now you look att. I look at it and I think, yeah, if you put another six figures into a Newport, she ate. It becomes quite well. I said a bit clinical and it's a bit You're a bit detached 99 too. I just think it's huge. It's just massive is a car and anybody can drive on fast. Like you said it is. No, I don't know. It doesn't have the same spirit is like you wind the clock back and

spk_3:   20:43
the price of them as well. I mean, God looks like over there. But, you know, I hate people, dealers, Porsche dealers. I'm friends with a lot of Porsche dealers, and they're always forever met enemy various cars like Samir guards Red 991 speedster and say, Hey, you can have this. It's $75,000 over the asking price. I'm like, who would pay though I and so, Yeah, I'd much rather Chuck, you know, 40 grand into an old car and have some fun with it And enjoying the drive,

spk_1:   21:08
you got a chance to make it your own as well as you know, your deep in that industry anyway. But you can have it and make it something special, which is yes. Yeah, exactly. That. It sounds like you're quite hands on, Damon. You kind of like getting in there again. I mean,

spk_3:   21:23
when the really unfortunate thing, we're becoming more senior in your career, which isn't a bad thing to progress. Your career, of course. But, you know, I started life kind of doing everything myself because, you know, even a home you can't afford to pay people to do things. You have to kind of learn to do it yourself on. But a CZ your career progresses, you know? Hey, it becomes almost a delegation process where unfortunate don't get to work on the cars. Even a Gunther works. Now, you have a really great team. Really experienced team that Khun Trust. 100% on the cars. And sometimes, you know, I always get in my head in the engine bay because I I kind of missed it. And so, yeah, I mean, I'm all right. I can work around a car. I can't do everything. I wouldn't trust myself to everything that I could do a lot of things myself, which is good.

spk_1:   22:12
Next one, this m I haven't seen a 993 in the lineup. Is that Is that in the

spk_2:   22:17
big sex? So this is

spk_3:   22:19
the favour I asked this. So when I was when I was obviously for the free this company, I think of Mr Built over 80 of those things. Seeing them all day, every day. You kind of start Teo, um, not become almost, like, complacent with that model. But you almost you start to like it because a lot of people, as you know, see the nice Explore previously is not the prettiest 9 11 I think Singer did an awfully good job of making the prices go up, but also making them become desirable. Andi I always like the 993 actually nearly bought four x when I moved to California. Soy on DH. There's another funny storey. I reached out to a guy who was selling a black 9934 s and it was such a good price at the time. And I took into the into Angels Crest Highway, drove around and I was like, Oh my God, I'll take it kind of thing. Unfortunately, a time I didn't realise what the the credit system was like here and takes you back to your previous fishing about the how daunting it was moving to L. A. I mean, I was like, no late thirties at the time, thinking I got impeccable credit history in England, which could by most things on then I got to America and it's like you're a 17 year old again. 00 Credit rates in no history couldn't buy anything. Ondas. I had just pull out and started a new life with him to be right three because I had the range with I have a name for the time in England on DH. Because of that, they do a sort of process, which means if you own a car, a different country, it's almost like an expat rule where you can buy another car in a different country with a credit history and your one in the other country. So So I ended up the night three and then build my way up, as you can see, you know, I moved from the 9915.96 for in the end, obviously came and I got Macon GTs as well as a daily now, which I wanted to talk about. Like, Why don't you think of the G tests? But I just I just can't think of a better day links. Realist

spk_1:   24:26
way nearly bought one last year for my wife, but we won't involve the exceed 40 in the end. Yes, just start budget reasons, but I so wish that were gone for the GTs because it's an absolutely epic car.

spk_3:   24:39
Yes, I mean, it just sounds great. It looks great. I mean, it's actually going for a few changes at the moment. So our senior photo, but yeah, Blackwell, I think just everything you could go to the grocery store or you or you or you can go to, you know, you can drive it. It's got everything really good. Good price as well. You know

spk_2:   24:59
what I like about there? The Makhan GTs is what the diesel Makhan. I just think it's no, no, particularly good car. It'll but the GTs so much better. And it just kind of feels like Ah, 9 11 that's jacked up early. You can really kind of winging around these corners, especially over here. I think with the GTs, though, see, Option is Crucial Award One day on DH, It was a really, well spec GTs. But at the Borgo suits your hammering around these country roads, you basically just sloshing around the interior of Israel's Hold it all. It's amazing, really, how many people kind of overlook even a portion of the ship's overlook the importance of a good seat choice. And

spk_3:   25:42
for sure, I entertain the idea. I mean, they're expensive, entertained the idea of putting the 99 war sorry, the nine 81 bucket seats theme in the booth cars were worth having the car's worth. These days, let's put $20,000 with the seats. You might not be the best thing. I think anyone's done that yet.

spk_2:   26:05
Yeah, that's that's a commitment, Teo Actual Hold.

spk_1:   26:08
Yeah, the m we are curious to go. Just just a flip back to kind of your your history between the different brands you've been. I mean, is there if there is off a culture crossover from singer to Gunther and obviously said it was very clinical before McClaren and things were just I'm really curious about you touched on the culture and how important it is to to make the M product. Is there a bit across saver from singer to Gunther? Are they very different places to be?

spk_3:   26:38
I think the main obviously it's a very different car, but the same industries there, isn't it? So I really, really like this sort of industry now and ahs I say I loved I loved Aston. I love McClaren but very organised. So Aston Martin had. It was owned by Ford at the time. The tag group. You remember Andi. It laid in some amazing process, but it was very very regimental, which isn't a bad thing, but the same time I think it it kind of gave that existed before. It's sterile field like it. It didn't really have that personality on. Don't get me wrong, it's Ah, it's It's a lot harder when you have so many. I call them the Artisans. So imagine you if you throw a bunch of artisans, they're all fantastic in their own fieldwork. Fabricator. Go build the cars, the interior trimmer you throw all those artisans in there are really strong individuals into a building. It's It's an impressive place to be, but it's very difficult as well, especially when you try and layer in some process whilst with that regimented fairly in England working from a car. And it was like, you know, the run, Dennis days. This is how you do it, guys, and we got cars out. It probably wasn't is enjoyable from what I remember, because it was just going through the the emotions of just bringing the car, and I mean, I said this was one of the reasons I actually left. McClaren, the actually weirdly got bored on. This was a time where I was surrounded by T one GTR. Look from my desk on this 12 people GT R's in front of me. Most people were like, What the hell did you leave for like, because to me, it's like you do come but complacent because you're going through the same process, you know, you get, someone draws it. What car should look like then you work for your virtual build your it'll become feasible on paper. Financially, you'll build. A prototype will start building the process in the build sequence. Then you'll build the physical prototype with the guys. Start the training. And if you do that, you know, I did a lot of models. I was there from from the 6 50 years, all the way up to the 7 20 Extras. The last car I did for McClaren. So I bodied that Kyra mania. And then that car got delivered back to McClaren in Woking. And then I kind of left after that and I actually went to 7 20 s launch in in Hollywood in Los Angeles to see the fruits of all the work on DH. But But then, as I say you, you deliver that many cars too. The same process. It almost becomes weird. I mean, joke me, I shouldn't say that, jokingly said. It's really like a car with two doors or four whales in the end for me and I've delivered so many projects from McClaren under the same process, while singers and gun threats and anyone doing something similar, it's a lot we warm or rewarding. I feel that each car is considered its own project. They will have their own name. For starters, the process of building a car for that period, time in and out with a customer every couple of days, sending pictures of these gold plated callipers. And yeah, it becomes a such a nice process that you become friends of these customers eventually because you speak them so often and and you know it's hard work and the reward is a look. I oh, say every every delivery, every restored Porsche. It's like a battle that you've won at the end and delivered a beautiful project two to a customer and you see smiley face at the end or her face and and you know it really is different. So, yeah, it's hard to explain. It really is.

spk_1:   30:10
It didn't want me coming on service based rather than product Basic. That makes sense. Um, you you guiding the client through the restoration process is

spk_3:   30:20
yeah. I mean, I mean, for me, you have todo This is something I learned a lot from the last two companies is that you need to manage expectations. So I said they love these people. They're these. These guys, these aren't cheap cars that these guys haven't just got one Kara's. Well, they have a huge collection, some of them on DH. They used to these cars being delivered pretty fast. Bio Yemen's. So when you when you get a customer and say, Hey, I want this one, this gun for works, I want it to be yellow. Andi want this colour seats. Then you have to start to explain to them exactly what their cars going to go through. And it's very, very important that you keep them in touch with every part, the process, because they don't just go together easy. These things I mean, you're taking a car that that's ah, a mid nineties car 25 years old. And you know this, Carter, the life before you get in and you know I've had cars arrived to me that they look beautiful, like very well looked after cars on when you take them a scant You put your arm through the side of them because it just rust buckets and lived in, like, half alive. And then you have to say, Hey, thanks for the donor car guys, but I need to repair it, which unsettle the cars behind it as well then. So it's very important that you get delivered a good donor card by the customers. So, you know, we put put processes in place that ensure that the if the owner of the donor car cart says his car himself, you can take it to a local Garrett and say, Hey, is my car worthy of being entered into the Hunter Works restoration process? So, yeah, it Zaveri very difficult process.

spk_1:   31:57
Do you have to guide some customers away from bad specifications? Decisions? Yeah,

spk_3:   32:03
I mean, to me, it's always that one is. It's tricky. The customer is always right. I kind of hate that saying, because I mean some of them they're crazy. I mean, remember the old company? A guy wanted his interior to it like Superman outfit. So you wanted a blue tachometer. I'm into the yellow outside and of the new interior with some red And whenever and I was like, well, like No, like, I think it would. It would look better if it looked like this kind of thing, but yeah,

spk_1:   32:30
you kind of have to You have to kind of look after the brand in some ways, that's for sure. Be too outrageous, because that just looks I

spk_3:   32:38
mean, the minute the car gets launched doing what? Your instagram is the biggest place, the moment where if you launch a new model on there the America abuse that you would physically get if the car just didn't look great. I mean, this, um this, um you have to try and kind of direct the customer in a different direction of possible. But the thing is, a lot of these customers, they've seen what's already being delivered on their quite trusting of us. I mean, even with my own personal cars, people always like what I kind of do to them. So I think thankfully, they trust me, Tio to help guide them. Andi, I'm working with a customer at the moment in a really nice spec which actually was meant to be getting delivered for the quail on DH. He's been really, really you know, nice to me is in let you know we're working together very closely. T create really nice speck here. So yet that's what makes it really enjoy the process. And then to see physically become a car as well is even more rewarding.

spk_2:   33:34
Damon. We're super excited to talk in good detail about come for work. So I have just got one more question regarding seeing a vehicle define a za journalist. I've had to sign like no end of fastidiously curated documents from singer to state that when we talk about the car in the media, it's not Singer 9 11 It's a Porsche 9 11 reimagined by seeing a vehicle design. How how close or how good is the company's relationship with Portia? Kind of behind all of that because in chatting to one or two people high up a Porsche, I know that there is a real respect for the company there isn't there, But I just want to know how much of that do you guys, How have you guys felt?

spk_3:   34:19
I think. I mean, where were we when I worked there? We were all very good friends with Portia and even the Gunther works that were very good friends Report. Sure. And the thing we have to be very careful with here is is that we wish we were still using their car and their badges on the front of the car. So you obviously with that the poor walker incident, there's always a worry. And that was a very expensive lawsuit for portions, you know, on DH were if someone unfortunate accident in one of their cars, One of our cars, it's still the car could be upside down, but still has a Porsche badge on the front of it. So? So I can understand why. Why, Portia? Ah, yeah. Ah, okay. You know, sort of selective. And then who? They allow people todo do things to their car. I mean, funny enough, I had actually had a message the other day on from a didn't work where, but he told me that the company of T. Leah's diva, you're familiar with that cos I know they built I mean, I went through him into the bus, but they've built they've built a target Look very similar to singles first Targa. Almost. It was even the same colours on DH. They got closed down my Porsche. So that's what he told Mei. And they're not like to make another car. So I think, Yeah, I think the other thing push us to look at is the singer, and Gunther works very, very light cars in the marketplace. It can't be doing a bad thing for poor shit to be splattered all over Instagram with these great builds its kind of free advertising for there. But the I think they just have to be very careful when you legally you have to go into a contract with them, whereby you you tell them where what you gonna do, how you're going to present the Porsche badge? You know, we were only allowed to put gun for work the name in a certain various places on the car. So it's it's strict rules, but yeah, they've ever Avery Each works out well for us. For both companies, I

spk_2:   36:16
mean, what an absolute kind of boost to your confidence, the company and the ethics behind what you do when you've got a manufacturer with the reputation of Portia, essentially, you know, in advantage Lee backing you by allowing you to hear that brand is now suppose way. I'm sorry. Wait, We had, um, our latest issue. A total 9 11 We did like Portia icons of the 21st century, and one of which was under s pointing out that he had a really nice email from him who said that obviously he was in there was actually number one, that he was also incredibly pleased to see the recognition that Rock Dickinson deserves. Yes words in being in there and again. I just think that kind of shows that I mean, what outstanding backing? Quite. Actually, somebody who himself makes absolutely outstanding cars. And Portia, that's

spk_3:   37:09
right. Yes. Fairplay to everyone in that top 10. I Yeah. I mean, it's very good you said about this storey about you know that on the day I drove Teo Peck Clay Airport experience into L. A. We're invited actually to part the green car in, like, the feature line of the car's right outside the front door on DH. That was nice. I mean, I drove up to the event and I was like, It's incredible this event, you know, exactly the actual Portia Experience Centre. And there was, like, four miles of traffic with every every portion you could imagine. They're waiting engine running. Their place stunk like racing track. It was great. Andi got there and I kind of like, Hey, I'm gonna tell it fashionably late on a rock up in this bore ity and green Gunther works of Gold Wheel. Some people didn't know I joined at the time, and it was almost like an announcement. Oh, my God. Damon's driving the gun through X. But I got to the back of this line. I was like cheese. You're sitting notice rumbling away. This four leads up thinking a CIA for our an hour trying to get in. So I kind of called out, called them up at the front and said, Hey, do I have to wait in this life said No, wait, bring it down. So there we are, sport mode, a way past all this four miles of traffic straight in for the front door and into this really nice parking space. Right, then yeah, the front of the events. And you know, the thick the crowds flocked on DH. I got an email on the Monday morning from Portia Atlanta saying Brilliant day when great to see you won the feature cars and I thought it was really nice, you know, kind of save the e mail. Yeah, that's some cool. Yeah. So yes, it's great. It's great that they like me. They like what we're doing is what I mean, they building fantastic cars. But it's not. It's not the point. I haven't as much, fellas. We're I don't think

spk_1:   38:58
e think expands the brand, doesn't it? Yes, Great. It's really good. And they want

spk_3:   39:06
me to go now. So I saw in the nominees for some time ago now, but I saw someone sent me a link that said the top 50 Portia restorers in the world and obviously that was the top 50 which meant their spirit of 150 trying to be the top Finish it. Yeah, it's almost like they're always became like, Oh my God! What? Who else is gonna have a go at this? But you frequently see Gunther works appearing in the top 10 which is pretty cool.

spk_1:   39:34
Absolutely. Before we sort of inter Gunther works, I was just wondering you moved to America, the dream singer on and you had you had a great time there. What? What? Why did you decide to move on?

spk_3:   39:50
I think it's a little bit where you No way was that gonna McClaren. And like I said before about that P one GT R's everywhere. It's like, Why do you leave there? I mean, it's a weird I mean, I shouldn't I shouldn't say this now, but I kind of have a little bit of a sell by date where you can't I mean, something's come guide. I don't know how they stay the same company for 30 years. That was really love the place. But I think for me I'm on those people that really, really likes to help companies. And I talked about when I joined Aston. There was one car on the line on when I joined the Clarin. There was only really one car on the line, and when I joined Singer, there was no deal X, of course, so well, I like to grow cos I like to use my experience at 20 years is not that a lot of experience and I feel like you get so far where you help someone as far as you can that when I was in, I always used to get up every morning in the shower, and I have run very long showers like get told off, but I could spend 30 minutes in the shower. But really, that's where I do my most work every day because I even I even take a notebook and a pen to the shower on DH. I have one of the side of my bed as well, because I wake up in the middle light, sometimes with my idea or something I can't forget. And these long showers every morning. My God, I couldn't wife the shower so long because I just got so much on my mind the reigning war to the ideas flow I started When the showers start getting shorter and I'm writing less down, I feel like, you know, maybe I've done as much as I can for the company at that time, whether it be the amount of investment they have, or maybe they don't want to go the next step and or they're not ready for the next step. And maybe I am on 11 challenge as well. You know, when I was presented and we'll get into gun to work in a minute. But when I was presented with the idea of Damon, we can hope you can be in a big building with all processes under one roof. I mean, this is like a dream for May. I mean, even McClaren was under one roof, but it was very, very inefficient. Believe it or not, on the basis that, you know, subassemblies was on the lower floor, the basement, The main line was the floor above. There was only two lifts. The lifts were bespoke. If one lift broke down, someone had to make a new part. It wasn't as efficient as you could imagine. So to be presented with Heyday, when we're getting this 24,000 square foot building Huntington Beach, it's gonna have every protest under one roof except the engine. Do you think you can come and help me get organised and layers and processing and get moving? I was like, Wow, let's do it.

spk_1:   42:20
That sounds good. Yeah. Yeah. So it will be died in tow. Gunther works. I was wondering if you, you know, if you were somebody a layman that didn't know anything about gun for works on. How would you? What would you say? That the car is is like right? Has that doesn't follow the brand at the moment?

spk_3:   42:41
Yes. So obviously don't say we don't have any listeners. Know what I'm goingto axis. So this isn't 993 which is the last air called 9 11 95 car. We try and use. We retain that. The 95. Well, that moment is things like smart. We've got different roles and things over here. And, you know, it's it's kind of, you know, imagine the run of a car. There's various different model changes. That portion will make it. We've kind of grown. Teo. Enjoy. The 95 is the car for me. We can use it. But

spk_1:   43:16
how do you like that? Because mine's a 95 fake.

spk_3:   43:19
You can make yours into a gun for works one day, then? Yeah, I can't drink. So yes. So for me, it's kind of like the were taken A 993 took the best of the last air calls. The most advanced. They're called that wass. They have stripped it down you have taken the dough and we stripped the car down completely to bare metal on brought it back to the condition it was when it left the factory that has stopped 25 years before and you go for various processes of the media blast in the car prime e it re body ing. It's all in carbon fibre, of course. And the when you explain, what is it? What does it feel like? It's kind of like how explain it is this is Imagine if Portia and built in 993 GT three rs. I think this is what it would pay. And I think that's the best way of explaining it to anyone that doesn't know what it is.

spk_1:   44:15
And what do you think was the big decision to use the 993 is that base?

spk_3:   44:19
I mean, when I was when I was at the previous company, they reuse the night explore. Of course, which one reason why they use that car was the technology it had moved forward. You know, if we'd gone with a couple of their first cars, of course, Georgie bodies, and then they move forward to the 964 platform and obviously work on that basis. If you get, then go move on a little bit further. Akai me now even noticed. Now if you start taking a 1995 car apart, it's significantly better than a car stopped five years earlier than that because it's notes that have been stuck around for the five years or being used for a further five years. So I think by taking the last available 9 11 that was Air Court. I think it was a good news. A

spk_1:   45:04
good pitch works and nothing makes sense. What am I'm? I'm curious to know a bit more about the business end, so to speak. So I'll see you guys air punching it out. Tio possible racing on? I mean, can you give us, Ah, rough rundown of Is every engine the same at the moment? Are they doing different specs? Is it is it a one size fits all for gun through the moment?

spk_3:   45:27
So I mean, I haven't been there forever. There's a lot of things changing this we're making or continually involving the company every day, really. But the Jeff does a great job, but rough sport theory is very acclaimed individual his companies. That makes me a brilliant engines now that this is a four lead, so there's only a four litre available at the moment, Obviously, thiss talk of of maybe doing things a little bit different in the future. Along one person is there is one guy here who only does his drive his car on the track on DH. And that's only one of the moment, you know, literally gets delivered to the Drac, drives the track, then goes home whilst everybody else is driving on the road. Now, as you can imagine, maybe these two cars could have maybe a different gear ratio or whether it be so. There's talk of doing something maybe a little bit different in the future.

spk_1:   46:20
What's them on? But how? How far do you think they take the engine? At the moment? I mean, is it still got loads left in it or they're they're taking it quite near the line already. To reckon.

spk_3:   46:30
Yeah, I mean, the weave you get, Imagine a car that's as light as the gun through it. I mean, I think I actually did a calculation, actually. I mean, I think it's 1214 kilogrammes translated from powers, which, if you imagine that's a light car, then you then you. Then you stick a four litre in there, you know, forwarded plus brake horsepower. You know, that's not she aspirated. You can imagine what it goes like.

spk_1:   46:54
Yeah, they do. They run them all up on the bench. So they they come out.

spk_3:   46:59
Yeah, pretty, pretty close. Yeah. So they go on the dino up in Oregon. Obviously, Jeff gets his dino report on DH, then the obviously when the engine comes back down here, obviously. Then once the car becomes a car on the engines inside the car, we then take it to the diner and obviously do further tune and then to give it a little bit more. So, yeah, that's being That's been great. It's been a really good, good, good idea. Obviously, when we started out, they weren't doing that.

spk_1:   47:27
Okay, Excellent. Makes it. I'm going back to the body weight. And there's obviously a lot of carbon fibre. Yes, and what's actually left of the original show.

spk_3:   47:38
So the what's left is thie cow. It's a return. The Carlin and the from the doors and other things. The doors is I always like that. The fear, the noise of the 9 11 and their corn I love when you shut the door. It's like metal noise. Yeah, and I might be having a carbon door, you see? No, you should've going on even that shot. We have to go and cheque on doing this. That and there's also a lot of imagine the implications of developing a new door. That was common. Five you've got crashed them cars. You can retain the door being inside. So that there, if you look at the car Yes, the cow on the doors. Premature if analysis. Carbon fibre.

spk_1:   48:16
So how much are the underside? Is that Is that still

spk_3:   48:20
now? You still we retain that? I mean, really, you're you're pinning the panels onto the

spk_1:   48:24
You got the wings, the roof, all of the bumpers, skirts, that sort of thing. Exactly. Yeah,

spk_3:   48:32
yeah. We'll offend re offenders from fenders. The hordes. Yet, bub, for everything

spk_1:   48:36
is all the carbon fibre work. Is that outsourcers that done in house?

spk_3:   48:39
No. And that's what's ever something that really attracted meted to join it. Actually, that it's all done in house so imagine being able to look after your own quality, not have to rely on people transporting parts across the world. Tiu. If you want to make a change or you're not happy with something, you turned to the guy next to you and tell him that you know, it used to make a change. So it's Ah, that was something very, very attractive. Have water close in house.

spk_1:   49:05
That's where the parent company came from. Is the parent company is that type of work? Is there his carbon fibre, isn't it?

spk_3:   49:13
Well, exactly. That's where so finished or who was where? When I joined the bigger building didn't exist. So Bornstein, who was obviously a very, very successful company in their own rights, the sister company. Obviously the estate has become well known for for all their carbon fibre panels and and body kits and obviously there whales. So we had the experience in house already. So then, just to grow it into another business and obviously we were kind of like get in the way. Then, as we started ramping, Gunther works up was like, Get out, guys, we need our own space back on, so we kind of took our own building and became a road company. It is a gun for works name on the door now, which is, you know, I think it's made people kind of always stand up in and think about this completely on the real deal now and where we did it. We didn't launch early, so we did a gun through X Launch finds you recently was so well visited. And I think people are Wow, these guys mean business. Yeah, definitely going. That looks

spk_2:   50:12
pretty refreshing. I think that's what I like about good works, the whole concept of off the project. Because, as we know, Singer changed the landscape substantially in such a positive way with 964 on DH. As you rightly pointed out earlier on an interview, that kind of spawned other companies who, quite unimaginatively, actually went to see what we can do. That and lots of people are doing their own interpretation, if you like of this reimagine car. But it's all it's all much for much less, and actually particularly of people in this country. From what I've seen, a lot of it is outsourced. Do you think you know yes what Yours is a company, and then you guys have come along on DH. It's the 993 which I think it's about time the 993 got bitter. Love because it's thought are very formally, anyway, is the last. They're called car and almost, you know, this is the Senate, isn't it? They're called engineer The time. That's right. It's a whole new platform and that to me, and I'm sure to many refugees out there is what is so damn exciting about it. You are the first to do it.

spk_3:   51:18
Yes, thank you, I think. I think as well, you said. I think a lot of these cars that trying Teo aspiring to be one of those they are They are always joke. Say they're a bit like a red line catalogue where they kind of know, what can you buy online and throw into a car to make it a little bit different? Wants? One thing I really liked about Gunther works was was that if you look at the interior, it's very bespoke. So you know. So they try their best to, like turn every stone to like what? How would you make that look better and way even went through something of the day we're doing. You know, people have done Ah, hoi o'clock mounts before, of course, on the dash. But it was like, Hey, we're not just gonna screw on the dash. We're going to do a gun for works Mt. And even the machining feel it looks like you can see you'll see it, but you'll see the personality. In this shape. It feels like a gun for work shape. So I think one of the shift knob beam I have seen, you know, it's all this voice work is done in house. So I think that's one thing that the spoke feel that it's not No, no one's really doing what we're doing

spk_2:   52:20
for sure now and again is this the guys have said earlier on as well. It's what separates some companies from others is when you, khun do things in house. Not only you in control of your own logistics, but you're also in control of your own quality as well. And that's really this is the benchmark.

spk_3:   52:35
Yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean, these cars, we think of the value of it. Maybe I can't afford one on DFI. If you're paying that sort of money, it needs to, he needs to be significantly different and very high quality. So So, yeah, I think that's what stand you aside from from the other people. That the Pretenders,

spk_1:   52:54
what is the cost of the Gunther?

spk_3:   52:56
So the so I've done as you say, I've done some and you can ask these questions. So I did. Some have conversions, so I actually was quite quite impressed that because it was 565,000 is in dollars is a starting price, but that grates to £454,000. So yeah, so that's the Stein price, of course, that when you look at the speck a basic spec, it's still a very good

spk_2:   53:20
car. Obviously, there's an options list, and you can

spk_3:   53:23
go as crazy as you like in your received some very big bills for you Have you know a standard car was still still still will turn some heads.

spk_1:   53:32
How many men does safer?

spk_3:   53:34
So the thing is, as we I always answer this question like this. So So in terms of the cars that have been built, 25 of these cars, yeah, And as it happens now, we have so many cars in various different stages that I am asking the same questions. And then I said, If everybody completes their build and whatever else we were close to filling that 25 cars now and and then the thing for me, it's like as much as I'm enjoying myself doing these, I kind of wanna start moving onto the speedster at some point. You saw that? Yeah, yeah, let me

spk_1:   54:10
meet him.

spk_3:   54:11
But the great thing about that car is is that, you know, I'm kind of just about getting through the very first ground and build on my own with might be my team and, ah, about the cars before we were finishing off. And I can't really put my name to them, unfortunately, because I wasn't here for them for the USA Mexico blue car, which is kind of late. The first car that I can put my name was really from from the entire authority and the build. But the good thing about the 993 gun, the works is that the underneath of the car everything about it is gonna be the same as a speed stuff. So the matter of learning we do at the moment and that sequence that we're doing with the process and you know it's going to make the speed tto go together pretty pretty easy, I would say

spk_1:   54:55
on how many you gonna make a speech that

spk_3:   54:57
still to be confirmed? I'd like to think it was you all depends. I mean, it was very well received when we launched the rendering, you know, maybe another 25. But I think the key here is as well is that we have changed kind of the idea of what other people have done. And we've said, Hey, we're not going to do 200. So whatever else we gonna do 25 each one's an individual projects we've put a lot of love and blood, sweat and tears into these things in this 25 of them and I'd like to think that because there's only 25 of them. I think you would like to hope that the second hand market was nice to us on DH. Then it became more special. You know, you see one driving through Monaco and you think on the guards, that's anyone buy it. And I think that's what we're seeing. This is going So maybe this speed still be 25 as well, But yes, diligently confirm exactly how many. And there are other cars I can tell you about you on the 993 platform, which so, as much as I've said I enjoy doing this, it's kind of like fight. Can we start working on that one now?

spk_1:   55:58
Do you think Thumper works is gonna stay as that is the 993 the platform. So,

spk_3:   56:03
yeah, it's a good question. That initial teaser of the helium three d 30 and three. Now, you know, if we can body cars in house for their own carbon fibre, we have all the skills in house to do it. We couldn't theory do any 30 and three and this talk of big talks about doing it and the form of these sort of cars, it's how much is someone Reason you're really going to pay for any 30 and three Now, who'd you guys pay for? 154,000 for it And three and you've got a payback. He tall ing and all the development work on the design. Maybe you only do five or 10 of them, I don't know, but the option is there to move into. If you can build a portion of privilege, build something else as well on DNA, there's only 799 threes type she can build. So I think there's definitely an aspiration to move into something different in the future. At the moment, we're doing well in the 993 World, and we should probably stay where we are for now.

spk_1:   56:59
Interesting about touching other brands. Definitely. I think that Zoe it's whether people stick to what they know. We'll know, isn't it? That's yeah. It'll be interesting to see whether that does take on.

spk_3:   57:09
Yeah, definitely. Women cover Portia Portia blood, haven't we? Now we kind of love to stay in the Porsche world, but, you know, we wouldn't be joining the different car model. Now I think we've made 993 kind of our place, so we don't know if you've done so much work to develop a kook. And then the speech is relatively easy. Tio develop now, basically the learning from the car before it makes sense to, and there's a lot of 19 3 donors as well, of course.

spk_2:   57:36
Yeah. Yeah. The concept seems to be evolving. Damon's again touch young gun for works. Remastered, please. Yes.

spk_3:   57:45
Oh, so obviously the moment we're Macarena were renowned for doing the Gunther Works Limited edition car. Now, I'm telling you secret news here, but we were very, very close to announcing g to be remastered now, which is non Gunther works cars. But we were basically gonna say, Say, you rang up and said, Hey, I've got a protester. Rosa, I really love it, But I hate the interior. I'd like to do a few things or get your opinion on what you could do for me. You know, we were We were very open to having a look at any project like that and doing using our skills. And how should we restore cars? We have. We trim cars, we can do many things for many of the brands. And this might help start to develop a future concept for the other gun for work division as well eventually. So I think it's really exciting. I mean, I I guess predominantly they'll be the guys that can't afford a gun for works, have a 993 that like to bring their car in and maybe have a new interior, But we won't. We said we wouldn't dilute the brand. So what we don't want is we don't want to have a guy come in with, you know, a stock 993 and ask for the same interior is a gun that works, and because otherwise that will have a detrimental effect on the Gunther works 25 as well. So wait. But I think learning from my experience working from the claret if there was a guy that was buying a 5 70 s, which wasn't a cheap car. But if he watched and looked across from his own bill and he could see a P one going down the line and he kind of knew the same building was building P ones as well. So it's like, Hey, I have my 993 remastered by Gunther. Works on e think it's, ah, a nice direction to be taking ourselves

spk_1:   59:31
in. It kind of reminds me of how roof operates. You know, they great their own cars, but they definitely work on yes stuff, and they do everything. Across the decades

spk_3:   59:44
since you were a model definitely looks to work for sure. We'll see. We'll see. We'll see how far we go without

spk_2:   59:50
E. You mentioned Testarossa there. Damon's next group. Paul. So you're clearly happy to dive into other brands. But like in terms of Portia, so can someone turn up with, say, a nine on one turbo s and say, I love what you do conceptually? Can you do anything with this with modern car, or is it something you want to stay? It's kind of like Modern Classic,

spk_3:   1:0:09
I think. I mean, I'm talking Percy now. I'd rather stand the classic side because I think it's, you know, even when you open the door and the smell comes out, it's like, Right, let's get in this. I know they're not to be little the 99 ones, and I know to still like them. But if a new car comes in, it's like, you know, um, I'm going to get that excited by this. So I think we wouldn't say no. Of course. I mean, it would be foolish to say no to Teo, everything like that. I'm open over minded, But yeah, I think we could. We have a right to say, Maybe go to this company instead as well. I think it's the warranty things. Well, I think people with the newer cars might be a little bit more reluctant to start ripping their interiors out of 992 I think

spk_1:   1:0:55
this is a off a recipe that you need to kind of muster up in the pot to make a car, a gun, the car. So, yeah, it's like you said it needs to be the right the right base to kind of yet to inject that spirit. Yeah,

spk_3:   1:1:08
I think as well, you know, someone that knows as preseason for sure, cos that's what I think. Predominantly, most projects come in. We'll be Portia ones. At the same time, I struggled to work on things that I wouldn't get excited about. You know I am. You know, someone said to me, Hey, Damon, you can come and work by this. I can't say it could be, but maybe Toyota. I just I mean, they do great things and they said a lot of cars, but I couldn't do it like, you know, how could I give up building on old, redoing an old car versus a brand new Toyota. An objection, Lila, I couldn't do it. I definitely be picky and choosy with what I said yes to Yeah,

spk_2:   1:1:47
I'm not surprised. And it seems from what you said so far that these the remastering of these cards, if you like, it's gonna be aesthetics or, you know, haptics as well. Which is the buzzword of the business. Yes. What if somebody comes along and city like Bloody hell? I just heard the stink commission on our need. My 993 to sound like that. Can you do clothes? So

spk_3:   1:2:10
you mean you'll see when we launched this out? So I haven't. Although we we obviously kind of getting renowned now for out kind of high finish online interiors and the spoke elements of those. But we have Jeff a rough sport. I'm even a little chapter in about guys reached out through the 9 30 Turbo, Actually, which got me thinking I was thinking about this kind of concept and he said, Hey, it started life as I wanted Red interior in my white 9 30 Turbo on. Then it was like, Hey, could you change the wheels for me as well I'd like some folks. And then also, could you do anything with my power of my car? Which point I contacted Jeff and said, Jeff, Harmony, 9 30 Turbos have you tuned up? Was like a lot. Was I Okay, so So you know that's not Yeah, We were connected with rough sport, so he would be our our engine tuner or supplier. So So I think we're definitely open to a lot more. And obviously, then there's all the the the idea of the paint on the body. So you've seen the pictures of the authority and green car people repaint their cars in house ourselves on DH, people have really, really commented on how rich the paint workers and how well we paid the carbon. So, you know, we don't just paint carbon. We compose the campaign to steal cars and whatever else as well, so so someone might come in and say, Hey, what? My car ripped down to the shelling. Could you retain Teo? That's definitely something, that's that. Yes,

spk_1:   1:3:31
it's quite interesting. Also, the body lines on the gun flees cart there, so well defined and small, like a you know, vory good on current car, their body lines you do the gaps of tiny on everything on the good work seems to be that way. Yes, very, very.

spk_3:   1:3:51
The thing I loved about the man I can't take any credit for that. It was before my time. But the thing I really love about a gun through it, if you ever look a picture of a 959 how the front of the car in the back of the car He knows a square car. They kind of there is wide at the front is the back Onda. Thing is, it really makes six inches wider. This car and it for me. He put a 992 next to a an older 9 11 even a 964 They looks like a tiny little car. But if you put a gun through X next to ah, current day 9 11 they look. I mean, I think it's a little bit while there's no line, too. Actually, which on the wheels are huge as well? Of course I mean the really Oh my God. So if you look a thinker tyre sizes, which what? We're all kind of familiar with the front tyres like 295 on the reserve. 335 So if you look at the back, it's a lot, but another rubber.

spk_1:   1:4:47
Yeah, I got I've just got a picture in my head of the red car again and see what colour that was. So, So the red. Yes, Andi, there's a picture of it on track. When it was being tested by somebody you could I can just picture the rear tyre Where the whole tyre away everything. All the tyres. Just it's Tyr. It

spk_3:   1:5:09
Really? Yeah. I mean, it's a funny one. It actually I'm glad you talked about the track because I knew how I I want to take a quick storey about time to tell you how I kind of have to How? I kind of grew into understanding myself. What? The gun for works was a bowel. So obviously, in the early days, I couldn't one window into its launched I couldn't, you know, openly going stick my head in their engine bay because oh, yeah, the carp apparatus, he would have got may on. So I had to look like I wasn't bothered. And, you know, I kind of read a lot about them because they price point. They were kind of a competitive. My last company s o we we're all we're all interested to see. You know what? It was what it was about. And, you know, and then the I joined the company and and I was told by Peter Nam, the owner, He said, Damon, I want to tell you one thing. You're gonna love this car. It's really like peeling off the layers of an onion, which I was like, I've never heard that context in terms of a car before. Okay, Feet. So whatever on DH, then he really was right. Because, you know, you staff lifeway summer hand. You are, you know, a $565,000 car. It's not your car. Of course, you have to respect the fact that this is a very highly tuned, powerful performing car, and they are driven pretty much most portions out there. So, you know, I'm I'm trusted to drive these kind of cars on DH, but I'm very respectful of it, you know? So you kind of do drive like a grandma on the first on the first trip because you get you get used to what it is and what it can do. So I didn't really feel any layers off at this point. And then, obviously, I drove the car down to the 40 Experience Centre, which was, what 30 mile drive on Yuri on the freeway. But you start to learn a little bit more about the car, getting more confident and start to peel off under the layer. But the reason I want to know the Storey wass We went to D R T in Miami earlier this year, but you've got a fantastic event. Never Bean before I give him a little plug here. But I was so excited to go and I just don't want to get there and be disappointed and I was over. I can't tell you how good it wass like the Miami people I've ever been to Miami. Very friendly people, the poor she community. Yeah, and everyone is in such high spirits. Very well organised event, and I was asked a landed from L. A. I pick the car from a storage facility on. We drove to Homestead Miami racetrack on DH. Jeff Jeff was there in his years 9 11 Bajor then T J. Was in his whites visor as well. I have seen that car. Andi kind of drove into this track together in convoy. Everyone was like, Whoa! Like these three cars to get a bright green 9 11 we gold wheels And then that there Tio liveried up yo off road cars driving through Miami It was like, Yeah, it was quite a wise way Turned up It was like right we rocked up on the idea for me Really Waas was Teo to kind of launch Gunther works on the East Coast and hopefully generates and sales on DH just really kind of have some fun and just show the show, that community what we had and it was so well received. But when I pulled up the track, I reversed in next to the two guys on the the organiser came up to me and said, Hey, Gunderson, hot laps. And as you can imagine, I'm like here. But it's like, hang on a minute. This isn't my car. I mean, five. This was seen on Instagram, where everything else appears on their lampooning around the track doing strange speeds and whenever also might get in trouble So I called the owner and those. Are you all right with me driving your car? I mean, I'll be careful, Andre were like, Yeah, just stay at the front or the back so you don't get those of stone chips or whatever else till I was like, Okay, what state? The state, The front on DH, and that took it out. And then this really was where I peeled off those final layers of the only in that Peter took that kind of warned me about, and I was the noise that thing makes, I'm thinking. Imagine four litre air cold for a brake horse, barium and mohr honing around Homestead. Thie track was entity because obviously there's no fans there because it was It was a closed event for the noise bellowing off the walls. I mean, I listened videos afterwards, and I was like, That sounds incredible. Should imagine what I felt when I was driving it. It's my other half out with May. She was filming. It will enjoy yourself. Andi went around the track, but I remember coming back and we took our helmets off, and so no one really knew I was driving the car at that point. And I overheard these two guys talking about what they just see. And they said, Did you see the GT three? And this is a 991 Jen to Andi said, Hey, did you see? Do you see him going on the track A little bit Uneasy lifted a little bit here and there are, you know, in the canes on days like,

spk_2:   1:10:02
did you see that green Gunther works? It didn't move.

spk_3:   1:10:06
It was like stuck to the ground. And I was like, Well, you know, I'm not the racing driver, but that better driving. But I think this was this was a lcar. Andi, you know, that's where you know everyone will unfortunate get the experience. I haven't get to drive it round a track, But the thing for me wass this car and this takes it to the part, the storey, or you want to tell you about where I driven to the track on drove the track. So this is a car you could take your partner to lunch or dinner with and you know it smoothly, relatively speaking, smoothly, way and then go. You know, all hell on the track as well. But after that event, I don't drove that car to Gary JJ 26. I don't really have familiar ego is 26 but one of the best Portia collections I think I've ever seen with my own eyes and they had were they had everything. And I went into this car lift covered with dead flies all over the front. No stunk of gas drove up to the into the lift. The lift got to the second floor where there was a car collection on day. Everyone told me before I got in there the real big collections on the top floor. You'll probably be on the second floor. So the barges by at the second floor. And then I was like, Come on top floor, top floor And it was like, unanimous decision. No, no top floor. So we got to the top, which drove out. Yeah, battle hard and dead flies all over this car pulled out. And then they they're Diversey and in house detail, which assumes the car arrive that could see the dirty was I quit. Get on that car. They clean the car so it looked as clean as the carriage Queens in there on that evening, The jokes. I went back there and took her for my sweaty racing gear. And unlike, you know, my night outfit and my partner put her, You know, I think she put a dress on and we went back and no one really knew we were to do with a car. And I jokingly said Which car on this floor drove around the tracks and hot laps all day today? And he's now saying, Here and from no one could believe it was the gun for works. And Andi, I think that was the you know, the code. Austin Gunther works for creating a car, So I talked to this, the GT three RS and performance. But the fact that you can also drive on the road on DH have fun as well. So it really was an all rounder. If that makes sense and

spk_1:   1:12:23
it's a whole package, isn't it? Is it is. It looks, it's not. It's just every

spk_2:   1:12:28
well, that's something someone said to

spk_3:   1:12:30
me that I mean, they drove it to Malibu aa different weekend because I felt that that was the right place to take it, you know, So you. Jay Leno was there in the Maya, very smart and all that kind of stuff. We drove a really nice crowd, really enjoyed it, and I actually reversed in end up stuck next to a singer as well, which was funny. And because, you know, it was great to see the two cars together. And I know I was lucky enough to have worked for both off them on DH. People flocked to the car and people asking questions. After that event, it was quite a few photos that have got shared. Andi, I got tagged in most of them, and someone actually commented, saying, Oh my God, I could never drive that car round L A. The front splitter get ripped off. It's so low. But the cart she has a lift button, which is Lina like, new cast today. Where? And I never touched the spitter once, the whole weekend, you know, seen l a some of the roads that really, really bad. Yeah. And you and me, I'm I gt for you know, I think I got through five splitters in that thing on die like that. I'm careful. So So, Yeah, it's a very usable car. And I can tell you that from first hand epic. Yeah, a

spk_2:   1:13:40
woman with huge fans of just the concept of what you guys are doing. And absolutely a ll the best year. Damon out there needs a mark on it. Works like you have done clearly elsewhere in the automated industry.

spk_3:   1:13:57
Yes, we're definite to come and visit when you you'll come out here and commit busier and we'll take you out

spk_2:   1:14:03
way. Usually finish up by aschen our guests. The same 10 questions. Don't know if you're familiar with this. Yes, they Yes, it requires a quick thinking and a one word answer. Okay, If you're right to do that on the question of Joe and they do want to give it, give it a bash.

spk_1:   1:14:32
Yeah, I'll hit the questions. Yeah, we're kids, right? So, Damon, we're going our our 10 fast fire questions. One word answers Don't need to think too much about it. Are you ready? Yeah, right. Number one. Air, water air. Of course. Good answer. Number two Favourite Porsche model. Oh, God of priority T number three Favourite Porsche colour. Oh, God, This

spk_3:   1:15:03
is a This is a hard one for May I'm gonna go call my red.

spk_1:   1:15:08
Oh, interesting. Okay. Yeah. Number four. Ultimate Porsche icon. It's a hard

spk_3:   1:15:16
one. This because Magnus walk is a very good friend of mine. But I really love Magnus. Andi, you had him in your top 10 Israeli, but yeah, I think he's done so much for the brand on DH. It's not to come from, you know, being a paid Porsha person. It's from the heart, isn't it? And I think for that I'm saying Magnus,

spk_1:   1:15:37
fabulous. And number five, favourite track

spk_3:   1:15:42
favourite track. Oh, God. See, bring

spk_1:   1:15:50
enough number six to fish or not to fish.

spk_2:   1:15:55
Not through this way. Under

spk_3:   1:16:02
my wheels. Now. Way

spk_1:   1:16:07
right. Moving on to number seven as stock or hot rod. Sounds like a doll from probably. Yeah, right. Of course. Number eight Narrow told me

spk_3:   1:16:15
about how sorry I got told off by that, by the way. So I had someone direct messaged me on instagram, telling me off ruining portions. He said Yeah. Hey, couldn't believe that I was taking them apart. And I think he overlook the fact that we were making the

spk_1:   1:16:31
eyes. Always one. Yeah. Ah, right. Number eight narrow or wide body

spk_3:   1:16:39
narrow. I was wide before. I'm narrow now. It's weird thing to say, because from a 903 gun, through its protection was the void of the better, different, weird, weird thing. Those wayward more than one answer. But I love the four x 993 and everything about it. And then the narrow body is that kind of, Ah, they're the collectible ones, as we all know. And when you see ah, narrowbody, I just that's what does it for me these days from from an older, you know, stop perspective.

spk_1:   1:17:07
Is it something? Where do we all grew up? And is that Is that the way it does?

spk_3:   1:17:10
Yeah, Go start Ever likes the wide and the way we got Sara.

spk_1:   1:17:15
I have the analogy that the wide body is the one that said, Take a job in the lips. Yes, way past that. As you get older, you want you

spk_3:   1:17:27
want you want a hot woman has in it all the

spk_1:   1:17:29
way. Ah, on number nine, let's go cars and coffee or a track day, so I'm

spk_2:   1:17:39
starting to like track days again,

spk_3:   1:17:41
but causing coffee because it's such a such a good friend obviously not doing any at the moment, but causing coffee. Los Angeles all the way

spk_1:   1:17:47
of it on number 10. Last but not least back seats or no backseat, no back seats. Yeah, great. Great size. Is that both?

spk_2:   1:18:00
Both on I have to say. So your sentiments, Damon on the Porsche icon with Magnus the absolutely spot on their

spk_3:   1:18:09
very well put, sir. Yes, a good guy. I enjoying his cooking lessons way even message in the day saying, Hey, can you let me know where you're getting HP source from? Because it's my bacon sandwiches. We've like, local rate source is not as great has brown sauce and not enough someone GM may or commented on his pictures saying, Damon weakened. We've got you. Wait, a great lad. You're

spk_2:   1:18:41
actually fantastic to have you on today. Luck sets really is our pleasure. Teo, be chatting to you on this. So all the very best wicked words going forward with remote gentle, The

spk_3:   1:18:50
very best. Thank you. Thanks, Ito.

spk_1:   1:18:53
Cheers, David. Much appreciated. What? Cracking guy? Amazing. Literally. The original brahmi come good, I think.

spk_2:   1:19:01
Yeah, it was funny how his accent migrated from a bit more of a yank twang at the start. Kind of coming back home, if you like, was a net sales

spk_1:   1:19:10
problem. It's running free. I mean, let's say I don't get much, much better than that, literally playing with cars at the top end and yet was a poor specific as well. I mean, it's like literally living the dream.

spk_2:   1:19:24
It's just so refreshing as we kind of said to Damon and interview that everybody has been focusing on 96 fours with these re imaginations and custom back dates, and nobody is doing the 993 things apart from them, and they're doing it really, really well. So we do wish those guys every success. We'll share some pictures on our own. Instagram page off the Sting Commission, which is goingto works latest GoodWorks latest Niner three project, but also definitely worth following only good for works Instagram page, but also Damon's himself. Because this is just crawling with automated porn. Isn't it really, quite literally? Yeah, the good works page on Instagram is, believe it or no good for works. Eso not not too, did not too difficult to find on that one that Damon is. Damon underscored Jones, so definitely give Damon I follow. They're just kind of get a little bit of behind the scenes action of what goes on the good works. But also, to be honest, just California car culture in general is just absolutely kicking over there. Isn't that so?

spk_1:   1:20:31
Yeah, I think he's definitely living that breathing that day by day. So you definitely get an insight into what's going going down all the way with

spk_2:   1:20:38
Yes, Well, we'll pass, they say. Brought me to the editing sensation is Andy. And in the meantime, we better rare line up our next guest for road to redline.

spk_1:   1:20:47
Yeah, let's get Teo Seo Jae. Thank you. See you later.