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45 - Screen Addiction: Is My Child Addicted?

February 24, 2022 Emily Cherkin, The Screentime Consultant Season 1 Episode 45
Parenting Decoded
45 - Screen Addiction: Is My Child Addicted?
Show Notes

Some of us struggle with trying to figure out if our kids are addicted to screens.  In this episode Emily Cherkin, The Screentime Consultant, and I discuss what causes screen addictions and what resources might help to determine if our kids are addicted.  We also go over different levels of intervention in overcoming screen issues in our homes. 

Emily is launching a new course for parents that will help train parents week by week to get their arms around the issue.  With parenting practices and live one-on-one coaching and support from other parents you will be able to make changes to support new behaviors that will set a balance between screens and life. 
The Screentime Consultant

We also discuss resources for more extreme screen addictions.  Links to those resources are: - Washington based treatment and therapy center to treat screen addiction.  Residential treatment program is available.

Restart's link to their assessment quiz:  TAKE ADDICTION QUIZ - Online resources for anyone who games but special courses for parents.  Links to therapy centers and therapists world-wide.

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