Parenting Decoded

49 - Manners Lesson: "Thank You"

June 23, 2022 Season 1 Episode 49
Parenting Decoded
49 - Manners Lesson: "Thank You"
Show Notes

In this episode we learn how to get our kids to say “thank you” and how to help develop a general sense of appreciation for not only “things” but also training them in thankfulness which will help to promote an “attitude of gratitude”. 

  • Start Early 
  • Be Consistent
  • Give Praise for using Thank You 
  • Use Family Meetings to Set Expectations
  • Set up Family Thanking Events
    • Dinner time thank you routines
    • Bedtime blessings routine
    • Thank you note practice for birthdays and holidays
  • Make it FUN!  We'll talk about a few ideas for setting up a "fancy dinner" so we can practice all our manners in a creative and fun way. 

Lastly,  we'll go over how important modeling good "thank you" practices can be in helping bring thankfulness in our homes.