Parenting Decoded

54 - Grandparents and Gifts: How to Tame Them

December 07, 2022 Season 1 Episode 54
Parenting Decoded
54 - Grandparents and Gifts: How to Tame Them
Show Notes

There are so many pressures we face as parents but one of the most challenging can be managing our own parents when it comes to gifting to their grandkids.  It's enough to drive some of us crazy!

In this episode we'll talk about the types of interference we might be dealing from our family values being over run to dealing with huge amounts of clutter that we have to organize not to how too many toys can interfere with creativity in our kids.  Take a listen to hear more possible issues.  

What can you do? 
Start by having Family meetings with your parents and in-laws.  COMMUNICATE!  
Set clear boundaries and offer ideas of what you'd like to see happen.  Be willing to compromise and, again, communicate with those you love.

Ideas for gifts they can give:

  • The gift of time from movie passes to tickets to museums or water parks
  • Lessons - music, art, karate, whatever!
  • Donations to a college or savings fund
  • Coupon Book made by the grandparents with fun events from sleep overs to paint your nails
  • Lots of other ideas when you listen!

Materials mentioned in the podcast about too many toys and kids:
Psychology Today Article
Today's Parent Article


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