Parenting Decoded

58 - Helping Neurodivergent Kids Socialize

August 11, 2023 Sam Young, Young Scholars Academy Season 1 Episode 58
Parenting Decoded
58 - Helping Neurodivergent Kids Socialize
Show Notes

What do you with kids who are wired differently?   Who might be on the spectrum (ADHD, Asperger's, OCD, etc.)?  Maybe they've had a diagnosis, maybe you just can see they are off the charts brilliant and some things but a total failure at socializing with kids their age. 

If you have such challenges with your kids,  take a listen to Sam Young of Young Scholars Academy in this episode as he explains how his online community for neurodivergent and gifted children works.  He brings a strength-based approach to getting our kids to connect in healthy, positive ways while learning at the same time.   Lots of topics for kids to connect in small group classes with mentors who help them connect while teaching.  What a concept, like minded-students can finally find "their people"!

Young Scholars Academy can be found at YOUNG SCHOLARS ACADEMY.

A list of their classes for FALL 2023 is at FALL 2023 COURSESIf you listen and need this link after Fall 2023,  just go to the main website and choose "Courses" from the main menu.

For anyone listening, there's a special discount of 15% off any classes booked for first-time students! 

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