Parenting Decoded

30 - Getting Kids to Listen SEMINAR

March 31, 2021 Season 1 Episode 30
Parenting Decoded
30 - Getting Kids to Listen SEMINAR
Show Notes

Parents are often baffled by their kids not listening and totally ignoring them.  In this seminar which was taped during a Zoom presentation, parents learn that how we talk to our kids and when we talk to them has a huge impact on their ability to listen to us. 

In this talk you'll learn not only WHEN to communicate but about these techniques to be more impactful when you do:

  • How to go "brain dead" when our kids are emotional
  • How to use loving limits to state what you're willing to do
  • How giving choices can activate your kid's brain while sharing control about things you don't really mind sharing
  • How letting our kids solve their own problems instead of hovering and telling them what to do can allow our kids to feel supported and listened to

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